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Ben Rea Aiming To Keep Up Mountain Course Progress

2013 newcomers c Manx Grand Prix winner Ben Rea is aiming to keep up rapid progress around the Mountain Course, during TT 2016.

Ben is planning to compete in the Monster Energy supersport races, on the Rea Racing GSX-R 600 Suzuki.

TT 2015 marked his first appearance at the most famous road race in the world, the Isle of Man TT.


Opening supersport race saw forty fourth place finish sealed, following a highly accomplished performance.

Having retired from the second supersport race, the lightweight TT was up next, it would conclude his first two weeks competition at TT Races.

Piloting CMS Racing ER6 Kawasaki, Ben finished a highly creditable twenty third, finishing in front of established TT regulars Dave Madsen Mygdal, 2011 super twins Manx Grand Prix winner Dave Moffitt, Brian Mccormack and Ian Pattinson.

At this moment in time Ben is not set to compete in the 2016 lightweight TT. If he gains suitable machinery in time, there’s every chance he could be in contention for a top ten finish.

Embarking on his fourth year of competition around the Mountain Course, Ben Rea has the core pure road racing talent, to record many a top quality result at TT 2016.

Words by Stevie Rial

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