• May 19, 2024
  • Last Update May 18, 2024 8:10 pm
  • Beverley

Unofficial Entry List

Racers names will appear on this unofficial entry list page, when they announce their intention to tackle the 2024 TT Races.

Peter Hickman – FHO Racing BMW/PHR Performance (Super Twins)
Josh Brookes – FHO Racing BMW/Boyce Precision Engineering by Russell Racing (Supersport)Stop & Seal/Rev 2 Race Yamaha (Super Twins)
Francesco Curinga – Team ILR with Frog Vehicle Developments (Super Twins)
Davey Todd – Milwaukee BMW/Dafabet Racing (Super Twins)/Powertoolmate Ducati (Supersport)
Joe Yeardsley – Team ILR with Frog Vehicle Developments (Super Twins)
Marcus Simpson
Jack Petrie – People’s Bike Team
Paul Cassidy
Patrick Hoff
Martin Morris
Michael Rutter – Bathams Racing
Craig Neve – Bathams Racing
Jonathan Perry
Amalric Blanc
Michael Russell
Dean Harrison – Honda Racing
John McGuinness MBE – Honda Racing
Nathan Harrison – Honda Racing
Lee Johnston – Ashcourt Racing
David Rigby
Pierre Yves Bian – PHR Performance (Supersport)/VAS Engine Paton (Super Twins)
Phil Crowe
Mark Goodings
Paul ‘Potchy’ Williams
AJ Venter – TH Racing (Supersport/Super Twins)
Michael Evans – Smith Racing (Supersport)/Golden Site Solutions Kawasaki (Super Twins)
Ian Hutchinson – Milenco by Padgetts
James Hillier – WTF Racing/Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing (Supersport)
Eddy Ferre – Optimark Road Racing
Jonathan Goetschy – Optimark Road Racing
Dominic Herbertson – Burrows Engineering by RK Racing
Gareth Arnold – Cowton Racing
Kevin Barsby – Cowton Racing (Super Twins)
Sam West
Jim Hind – NLC/BTS
Gary Johnson – Bill Smith Motors/NL Motorcycles/Astro Van Centre (Supersport)/Dafabet Racing (Super Twins)
Joey Thompson – Seventy Four Racing
Kevin Keyes – Daracore Racing
Anthony Redmond
Chris Moore
Matt Stevenson
Jack Fowler
Richard Charlton
Stephen Parsons
Forest Dunn
Wayne Bourgeais
Michal Dokoupil – Team Meca Prestige
Veronika Hankocyova
Darryl Tweed – Never Be Clever Racing
Rhys Hardisty – Never Be Clever Racing
Maria Costello MBE
Loris Majcan
Julian Trummer – Jackson Racing
Conor Cummins – Milenco by Padgetts
Ryan Cringle – Parker Transport Racing (Supersport)
Mike Norbury – Talk of The Town Racing by Motul Oils
Timothee Monot
David Johnson – Lee Hardy Racing/Platinum Club Racing (Supersport)
Brian McCormack – Roadhouse Macau by FHO
Eoin O’Siochru – Roadhouse Macau by FHO (Supersport/Super Twins)
Pete Murray
Rob Hodson – SMT Racing
Jamie Coward – KTS Racing powered by Steadplan
Michael Browne – Boyce Precision Engineering by Russell Racing (Supersport)
Paul Jordan – Jackson Racing – Stop & Seal/Rev 2 Race Yamaha (Super Twins)
Tom Weeden
Barry Furber – DC Autos Newtown
Michael Dunlop – MD Racing/MasterMac Honda by Hawk Racing
Jorge Halliday – Stanford Halliday Racing
Michael White
David Datzer – CD Racing/Team ILR with Frog Vehicle Developments (Super Twins)
James Chawke – Team ILR with Frog Vehicle Developments (Supersport)
Masayuki Yamanaka – Team ILR with Frog Vehicle Developments (Super Twins)
Victor Lopez
Shaun Anderson – Team Classic Suzuki/Butterfields of Skipton with ARD (Supersport)
Stefano Bonetti – VAS Engine Racing (Super Twins)
Mark Parrett – McCrums Motorcycles (Super Twins)
Jamie Cringle – Parker Transport Racing (Supersport)


Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe – Kel Properties
Greg Lambert/Andrew Haynes
Michael Russell/TBC
Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement
Bruce Moore/Mark Gash – Lane Building Services Racing
Daryl Gibson/Tom Christie – Gibson Racing
Lee Crawford/Scott Hardie
Ben Birchall/Kevin Rousseau
Alun Thomas/Jody James
Chris Schofield/Tom Dawkins
Maria Costello MBE/TBC
Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes – Bonovo Action Racing
Dan Knight/Ben Hughes
Shaun Chandler/Ben Chandler
Wiggert Kranenburg/Jermain Van Middegaal
Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley – FHO Racing
Alan Founds/Rhys Gibbons – Team Founds Racing
John Holden/Frank Claeys – Carl Cox Motorsport
Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney – Dave Holden Racing
Dave Molyneux/Jake Roberts