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Rider Profiles/Hall Of Fame

Michael Dunlop

At just 32 years of age, Michael Dunlop is already a 19 times TT winner and has been victorious at virtually every road race circuit, in which he has competed at.

Known for his sheer determination, all action style and a will to win which surpasses arguably every other rider in the sport, he’s a one off with his riding style, attitude and persona.

TT Races PB: 1st x19
North West 200 PB: 1st x5
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 1st x6

Additional honours:

2006 Newcomers B Manx Grand Prix
2011 Southern 100 solo championship
2011 Armoy race of legends
2012 Southern 100 solo championship
2012 Armoy race of legends
2012 Dundrod 150 superbike
2013 Cookstown 100 grand final
2013 Armoy race of legends
2013 Formula 1 Classic TT
2013 Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup
2014 Armoy race of legends
2015 Armoy race of legends
2015 Formula 1 Classic TT
2016 Southern 100 solo championship
2016 Armoy race of legends
2016 Dundrod 150 superbike
2016 Superbike Classic TT
2016 Junior Classic TT
2017 New outright lap record – Southern 100
2017 Armoy race of legends
2019 Armoy race of legends
2021 Armoy race of legends

Ian Hutchinson

Ian Hutchinson’s comeback from a serious leg injury which almost ended his racing career, has provided one of the most feel good stories in the history of pure road racing.

Now firmly back at the top, he joined Mike Hailwood on 14 TT victories in total at TT 2016, following a memorable hat trick of victories, which was not without controversy, with many and suspicion still surrounding whether his Monster Energy Supersport race 2 victory from 2016, was won in the correct sporting manner.

TT Races PB: 1st x16
North West 200 PB 1st x3
Ulster Grand Prix PB 1st x9

Additional Honours:

2003 Newcomers Senior Manx Grand Prix
2006 Cock of The North – Feature race
2010 Steve Henshaw international gold cup
2013 Macau Grand Prix

John McGuinness MBE

The second most successful rider in TT history, John McGuinness MBE is still amongst the firm favourites for wins around the Mountain Course, although now more prominently on TT Zero machinery.

It’s fair to say his 2015 Senior TT success stunned many, there was no inclination beforehand of the TT hero securing yet another momentous feat.

TT Races PB: 1st x23
North West 200 PB: 1st x6
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 1st x2

Additional Honours:

1999 Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup
2001 Macau Grand Prix

Peter Hickman

Since making his roads debut at the North West 200 in 2014, Peter Hickman has gone from strength to strength.

Now the outright Mountain Course lap record holder, the first rider to top the 135 mph lap mark at the TT Races (135.452), he’s firmly established as one of the greatest road racers of his generation.

TT Races PB: 1st x5
North West 200 PB: 1st x2
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 1st x6

Additional Honours:

2015 Macau Grand Prix
2016 Macau Grand Prix
2018 Macau Grand Prix

Bruce Anstey

The evergreen Bruce Anstey, 34 times an international road race winner, is still as competitive as ever, as proven by his performances at the MCE Insurance Ulster Grand Prix from 2017.

Regarded by many as the most naturally talented rider on the roads, he has enjoyed thus far a quite brilliant career on the Mountain Course, the Triangle and Dundrod.

TT Races PB: 1st x12
North West 200 PB: 1st x10
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 1st x12

Additional Honours:

2014 Formula 1 Classic TT
2016 Lightweight Classic TT
2019 Lightweight Classic TT

Conor Cummins

Currently regarded by many leading figures as the Isle of Man’s leading roads exponent, Conor Cummins has for the last ten years been an established accomplished competitor at the International road races.

A present part of the Padgetts Racing set up, the Manx star has been back to his best form over recent seasons.

TT Races PB: 2nd x2
North West 200 PB: 2nd 2010 Superbike Race One
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 1st x2

Additional Honours:

2007 Bush Road Races Open Race
2007 Bush Road Races Grand Final
2009 Dundrod 150 Superbike

Lee Johnston

Lee Johnston has the happy go lucky temperament about him but when he is in pure road racing competition, he’s amongst the most determined competitors.

Eight times an international road race winner, he’s grown and grown in stature in recent years. Without a question worthy of the title world class, it was a stellar 2019 for ‘General Lee’, claiming opening Supersport honours at the North West 200, prior to finally joining the TT winners circle, at TT 2019.

TT Races PB: 1st 2019 Monster Energy Supersport Race 1
North West 200 PB: 1st x4
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 1st x3

Additional Honours:

2015 Scarborough Gold Cup – David Jefferies Cup overall winner
2019 Steve Henshaw Gold Cup
2020 Steve Henshaw Gold Cup

Dean Harrison

The undoubted current leading exponent of Oliver’s Mount, Dean Harrison is regarded by many as the world’s leading International Road Racer.

A Gold Cup, TT, Classic TT, Southern 100 race winner and of course current Senior TT champion!, he’s amongst the most talented roads competitors.

TT Races PB: 1st x3
North West 200 PB: 2nd x2
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 1st x2

Additional Honours:

2013 Cock O’The North Feature Race
2013 Southern 100 Supersport Race 1
2013 Scarborough Gold Cup – Darran Lindsay Trophy overall winner
2014 Barry Sheene Trophy
2014 Cock O’The North Feature Race
2015 Barry Sheene Trophy
2015 Cock of the North Feature Race
2015 500 Classic TT
2015 Scarborough Gold Cup – Darran Lindsay Trophy overall winner
2015 Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup
2016 Barry Sheene Trophy
2016 Cock of the North Feature Race
2017 Bob Smith Spring Cup
2017 Cock O’The North Feature Race
2017 Southern 100 Solo Champion
2017 Motorsport Merchandise Superbike Classic TT
2018 Southern 100 Solo Champion
2018 Superbike Classic TT
2020 Barry Sheene Trophy
2020 Six victories – 69th Scarborough Gold Cup
2021 Bob Smith Spring Cup

Mark Miller

America’s leading roads exponent during the 2010’s was in my opinion Mark Miller.

The 2010 TT Zero winner, has in past years lead the Splitlath Buell challenge at the TT Races, wrapping up many a highly creditable result.

TT Races PB: 1st 2010 TT Zero

Additional Honours:

2000 Macau Grand Prix – Third place finish

Stefano Bonetti

Nicknamed ‘Bonny’ Stefano Bonetti has consistently over the last ten years, been the standout competitor from Italy at the TT Races.

North West 200 Super Twins race 1 victor, TT 2019 saw Stefano claim another top six placing in the Bennetts Lightweight race.

TT Races PB: 4th 2018 Lightweight TT
North West 200 PB: 1st 2019 Super Twins Race 1

Horst Saiger

Austria’s Horst Saiger, is regarded by many as continental Europe’s leading roads competitor.

A consistent collector of first class results at the Macau Grand Prix and North West 200, he’s also an accomplished exponent of the Mountain Course and the fastest road racing circuit in the world, Dundrod.

TT Races PB: 10th 2017 Superstock Race
North West 200 PB: 4th 2014 Superstock Race 2
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 12th 2015 Superstock Race

Additional Honours:

2016 Terlicko Road Races Open Race
2016 Terlicko Road Races Grand Final
2017 TT Privateers Champion
2017 Terlicko Road Races Supersport Race
2017 Terlicko Road Races Grand Final
2017 Motorsport Merchandise Superbike Classic TT – 3rd
2018 Superbike Classic TT – 2nd

David Johnson

Amongst a very select group of competitors to have lapped the Mountain Course in excess of 131 mph, David Johnson is arguably at this moment in time, Australia’s top pure road racer.

Nicknamed ‘Davo’ he has all the components needed to be a top class roads competitor. Previously part of the works Honda fold, TT 2019 saw the amiable Adelaide racer secure a first TT podium finish, following a hard earned third place finish in the Royal London 360 Superstock race.

TT Races PB: 3rd 2019 Superstock Race
North West 200 PB: 10th 2016 Superstock Race 1
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 3rd 2018 Feature Superbike Race

Hudson Kennaugh

A four times TT Races competitor, Hudson Kennaugh is still at present more known for his exploits on short circuits, then on the roads.

Don’t be surprised to see in the future the ultra determined rider from South Africa, in contention for a TT podium finish, in particular in the Lightweight class.

TT Races PB: 24th x2

Masayuki Yamanaka

Currently Asia’s only competitor on the Mountain Course, Masayuki Yamanaka made history at the 2015 Manx Grand Prix, by becoming the first rider from Japan to secure a podium finish at the Manx, as he finished second in the Newcomers C race.

This years Manx GP saw him wrap up series of 26th place finishes, in the Junior and Senior races, along the way lapping in excess of 114 mph.

Marco Pagani

Since making his Manx Grand Prix debut in 2014, Marco Pagani has gone onto establish himself as one of Italy’s most accomplished pure road racers.

Most recently Marco impressed at the returning Imatra Road Races, showing accomplished form on his S1000RR BMW mount.

TT Races PB: 28th 2016 Superstock Race

Cameron Donald

Make no doubt about it, Cameron Donald is a great pure road racer. A two times TT winner, he unofficially became the first rider to lap the magical Mountain Course in excess of 131 mph during Thursday evening’s practice session at TT 2009.

Although he’s now in my opinion not as competitive as he was from 2008 through to 2013, he’s still a class act who is more than capable of in the future wrapping up more international road race podium finishes.

TT Races PB: 1st x2
North West 200 PB: 2nd x2
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 3rd 2005 Supersport Race 2

Glenn Irwin

Four times North West 200 winner Glenn Irwin is regarded by many as a future holder, of the coveted title of been the world’s leading pure road racer.

Although this is a possibility, it’s all going to depend upon how committed Glenn is to participating not only at the Triangle and Macau, but also returning to Dundrod and sampling of course the Mountain Course.

North West 200 PB: 1st x4
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 2nd 2015 Supersport Race Two

Additional Honours:

2017 Macau Grand Prix

Michael Booth

TT 2016’s leading Mountain Course newcomer Michael Booth, has been amongst the leading roads newcomers throughout 2016.

A recent third place finisher in the Dundrod 150 Challenge race, Michael has the potential to soon be challenging for highly notable results at the international road races.

TT Races PB: 29th 2016 Pokerstars Senior
Ulster Grand Prix PB: 16th 2016 Supersport Race Two

Josh Daley

The youngest rider to compete at TT 2016 was Josh Daley. Making his roads pure road racing debut on the Mountain Course, he enjoyed a productive two weeks of TT competition.

Piloting his own teams ZX6R Kawasaki, he wrapped up 46th and 52nd place finishes, in the Monster Energy Supersport races.

TT Races PB: 46th 2016 Supersport Race 1

Alex Pickett

One of Australia’s fastest rising roads stars is Alex Pickett. Since making his Mountain Course debut at the Manx Grand Prix in 2013, the ever cheerful rider has since gone onto three times thus far, at the Isle of Man TT.

Without a doubt his most momentous roads feat to date, was in the recent Superbike Classic TT, when he finished the leading privateer on the DP Coldplaning/TC Racing Kawasaki, following an excellent seventh place finish.

TT Races PB: 31st 2016 Supersport Race 1

Bjorn Gunnarsson:

Having finished a great ninth in this years Lightweight TT, plus recording series of highly creditable results at Imatra, Bjorn Gunnarsson in my opinion at this moment in time deserves the accolade of been regarded as Sweden’s leading pure road racer.

A proven exponent of the Mountain Course, Bjorn has the talent to in the future, be definitely in contention for a podium finish on Super Twins machinery in the Lightweight class.

TT Races PB: 9th 2016 Lightweight Race

Martin Jessopp

A frequent front runner at the North West 200 and Macau Grand Prix, Martin Jessopp showed at TT 2016, that he’s becoming a highly accomplished competitor on the Mountain Course.

Following his third place finish in the Lightweight race, Martin said afterwards that he was speechless. His maiden TT Races podium finish, is the latest in a long line of notable roads achievement’s for the highly rated rider.

TT Races PB: 3rd 2016 Lightweight Race
North West 200 PB: 1st x2

Additional Honours:

2011 Macau Grand Prix – Runner Up
2012 Macau Grand Prix – Runner Up
2015 Macau Grand Prix – Runner Up
2016 Macau Grand Prix – 3rd

Jamie Williams

One of the Isle of Man’s fastest rising roads stars is Jamie Williams. His 2016 pure road racing season has seen him secure many a notable result, which include fifth place finish in the Newcomers A Manx Grand Prix.

Most recently Jamie wrapped up series of first class results, at the 66th Scarborough Gold Cup, which included victory in the second leg of the David Jefferies Cup Junior B races.

Additional Honours:

2016 Scarborough Gold Cup – David Jefferies Cup Junior B Race 2

Vincent Lonbois

2016 IRRC Superbike champion, Vincent Lonbois, in recent years has established himself as one of Belgium’s leading pure road racers.

A winner this year at Oss, Hengelo, Chimay and Imatra, he has been in sparkling form on the Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux backed S1000RR BMW. There is no doubt that he has the potential to in the future become an established competitor around the Triangle, Dundrod and Mountain Course.

Additional Honours:

2016 IRRC Superbike champion

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