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Terlicko: Horst Saiger Wraps Up Supersport Honours

Horst Saiger wrapped up Supersport race honours at Terlicko, following a textbook first class display, on his own teams Metzeler backed ZX-6R Kawasaki.

16 seconds clear of nearest pursuer, Richard Sedlak, the TT Privateers champion, proved again why he is more than worthy, of been attributed the term “world class” within the real roads scene.

The final spot on the podium, was clinched by Dafit Moto Racing’s Kamil Holan.

Slovakia’s David Hanzalik was fourth, as Michal Vecko and Stefan Schorgendorfer, finalised the top six finishers.

Prospective Manx GP newcomer Miroslav Sloboda finished seventh, Krystian Paluch occupied eighth, Karel Brandtner battled his way to ninth, just in front of Lubos Konak.

Anticipated Super Twins front runner, Optimark Road Racing’s Xavier Denis was the final finisher, in 15th place.

Terlicko – Supersport Race Results:

1 Horst Saiger
2 Richard Sedlak
3 Kamil Holan
4 David Hanzalik
5 Michal Vecko
6 Stefan Schorgendorfer
7 Miroslav Sloboda
8 Krystian Paluch
9 Karel Brandtner
10 Lubos Konak
11 Vladimir Snajdr
12 Veronika Hankocyova
13 Jozef Jezovica
14 Martin Sedlak
15 Xavier Denis

Words by Stevie Rial