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Road Racer’s Adventures: Spring Prize, Brno

The much loved, iconic Brno Circuit played host to top calibre racing over the past weekend, as the annual Spring Prize meet took centre stage.

Racers in attendance included various Czech road racing stars such as twice IRRC Supersport Champion Marek Cerveny, who took third within the opening 1000cc encounter.

Photo by Henk Teerink

Others with proven pure roads pedigree gaining track time a plenty included 125 SP class front runner Michal Vecko, David Hanzalik, Jan Markalous, Ales Nechvatal.

Winner of no less than five races over the past weekend Chris Meyer, double Super Mono victor Petr Najman, Stefan Holz who briefly tackled the TT Races in 2012, Leos Hlavacek, Tomas Borovka, Michal Prasek and Britain’s James Walker, winner of the opening 350 Classics race.

Czech Republic/Slovakia based action on closed roads courses is hoped to return in early June with the two day Kopcany meet (5th-6th June), whilst an IRRC affiliated event at Horice (14th-15th August) is also planned to take place in just over three months time.

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou