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IRRC Imatranajo: Todd Declared Superbike Race 1 Victor, Ratto, Kostamo Clinch Rostrum Finishes

Wepol Racing’s Davey Todd has been declared winner of the opening IRRC Superbike race at Imatranajo, with race results going back to lap six, following red flags entering the horizon, just as final laps of the 10 lap premier class encounter beckoned.

Never led prior to red flags arising, new 131 mph TT club member Todd held an advantage of just over one second, at the end of lap six, with Marko Ratto leading the challenge to the IRRC Superbike series leader.

Finalising the podium finishers behind Todd, Ratto was 38 Motorsport supported Erno Kostamo.

Reigning IRRC Superbike champion Danny Webb claimed fourth, team mate Marek Cerveny scooped fifth as Performance Racing Achterhoek’s Virgil Amber Bloemhard concluded the first six finishers.

Rounding out the declared top ten finishers were Lukas Maurer, Pauli Pekkanen, Markus Karlsson and Didier Grams.

IRRC Imatranajo: Superbike race 1 result, is as follows:

1 Davey Todd
2 Marko Ratto
3 Erno Kostamo
4 Danny Webb
5 Marek Cerveny
6 Virgil Amber Bloemhard
7 Lukas Maurer
8 Pauli Pekkanen
9 Markus Karlsson
10 Didier Grams
11 Mathias Gnagi
12 Mikael Karlsson
13 Tomas Borovka
14 Vassilios Takos
15 Juha Kallio
16 Ales Nechvatal
17 Pavel Tomecek
18 Hanno Brandenburger
19 Jan Kopponen
20 Lasse Karki

Words by Stevie Rial