Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

This weeks series of questions, in the thirteenth instalment of Road Racing News weekly quiz feature series which hopefully will test your knowledge of the sport, and prove a bit of fun! are as follows:

Q1: To date how many racers in total have lapped the mythical, fabled Mountain Course at over the illustrious 130 mph mark?

Q2: Irish Road Race Super Twins Championship honours in 2011, went the way of which racer turned leading team manager?

Q3: The UK/Isle of Man combined three most recent victors at Finland’s most famous roads course, Imatranajo, are?

Q4: Stewart Smith Racing’s 2012 Lightweight TT challenge, was lead by?

Q5: Michael Dunlop’s first Ulster GP success in 2011, arose in which class category?

Q6: 2008 Senior Manx GP honours went the way of?

Q7: Lead Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough newcomer at the 2009 Spring Cup meeting, was?

Q8: Who is this respected International roads competitor?

Q9: Solve this roads themed anagram – cykpaon

Q10: The first motor race in history, that took place in the late 1890’s, was in which nation?

The answers to last weeks series of questions which included ones focused around topics such as Ulster GP lap records, race wins, the iconic Spain based La Baneza road race, plus the 2013 Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, are as follows:

Q1: Who last August set a new Ulster GP Superbike qualifying lap record?

Answer: Conor Cummins

Q2: Newcomers A Manx GP honours in 2010, went the way of?

Answer: Tim Venables

Q3: How many Ulster GP victories do Brian Reid, Guy Martin and Ivan Lintin have combined?

Answer: 22

Q4: The top three finishers from the 2013 Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup, at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, were?

Answer: 1st Michael Dunlop, 2nd Guy Martin, 3rd James Cowton

Q5: Name the five manufacturers, with to date fifty TT victories or more?

Answer: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Norton, Kawasaki

Q6: Bruce Anstey’s first TT success arose in which year?

Answer: 2002

Q7: Which former Irish Road Race 125/Moto 3 champion, ventured to the famous Spanish La Baneza road race in 2015?

Answer: Sam Dunlop

Q8: Who is this respected International roads competitor?

Answer: James Ford

Q9: Solve this roads themed anagram – rciheo

Answer: Horice

Q10: True of false – BSB race winner Dan Linfoot has competed at the Macau Grand Prix?

Answer: True, Dan competed at Macau back in 2008.

Words by Stevie Rial

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