Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

This weeks series of questions in recognition of the 70th anniversary of Grand Prix affiliated competition, have a Moto GP twist to them.

The list of questions, which hopefully will test your knowledge of the sport, and prove a bit of fun! are as follows:

Q1: In 2010, which modern day Moto GP great visited the TT Races?

Q2: Ten times TT winner Giacomo Agostini, has won how many World Championship titles?

Q3: Name at least two roads courses to have hosted the French Grand Prix?

Q4: The last pure road racing venue, to host a Moto GP round in 1982, was?

Q5: Which former 250 Grand Prix racing competitor, made his TT debut in 2008?

Q6: True or false – all rounds of the inaugural Moto GP series in 1949, were pure road racing based?

Q7: Back in 1999, which esteemed racer competed in both the 500cc Moto GP World Championship, and the TT Races?

Q8: Who is this former Moto GP exponent?

Photo by Robby Repsol

Q9: Solve this Moto GP themed anagram – kyaamtaa

Q10: Two of only four competitors to have competed in both Moto GP, Formula 1 Championship races, are multiple TT winners, who are they?

The answers to the previous series questions, based around this year’s TT Races, which included ones focused on topics such as which nation had representation for the first time at the TT Races, Mountain Course giants collective TT victories total, TT Zero race finishers total, are as follows:

Q1: Who set the fastest lap speed overall from TT 2019?

Answer: Peter Hickman (134.284) set from a standing start in the blue riband Dunlop Senior TT.

Q2: When adding together Michael Dunlop, Dean Harrison, Bruce Anstey and Michael Rutter’s amount of TT victories, what is the collective total?

Answer: 41 TT victories

Q3: New Zealand’s sole competitor at TT 2019 was?

Answer: During race week Jay Lawrence, at the beginning of practice week though, New Zealand had double event representation, thanks to Mountain Course debutant Daniel Mettam.

Q4: Which country was represented for the first time at TT 2019?

Answer: Slovakia courtesy of Miroslav Sloboda

Q5: What stat results wise combines the 2018 Senior TT, 2019 Superbike TT and 2019 Senior TT?

Answer: The top three finishers in each race, were the same podium finishers, Dean Harrison (2nd, 2nd, 1st), Peter Hickman (1st, 1st, 2nd) and Conor Cummins (3rd, 3rd, 3rd).

Q6: The lead Suzuki mounted competitor within the Dunlop Senior TT, was?

Answer: Derek Sheils

Q7: How many races secured silver replica finishes in the opening Monster Energy Supersport encounter?

Answer: 14

Q8: In total how many racers completed the latest SES TT Zero race?

Answer: Seven

Q9: Who is this respected Mountain Course exponent?

Photo by Mark Corlett

Answer: Michael ‘Jack’ Russell

Q10: Solve this TT themed anagram – nsvteneos

Answer: Stevenson

Words by Stevie Rial

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