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TT 2016 – Suter Positive About First TT Races Appearance

Suter ended TT 2016, positive about the performance of their MMX 500 machine going into TT 2017, piloted in the past two weeks by TT and pure road racing legend Ian Lougher.

Ten time TT winner Ian, had a challenging practice week at times, but at the same time, it was great to hear the sound of the MMX 500 Suter, it’s fair to say for many a TT fan it was their favourite machine of TT 2016.


Photo by Jim Gibson

Race week was lets be honest was a tough one for Suter, it should be pointed out though that it’s a three year plan for the outfit ran by Eskil Suter, to get to the sharp end of the leader board at the world’s greatest road race.

Arguably the most momentous moment of TT 2016 for Ian Lougher on the MMX 500 Suter, was lapping in excess of 125 mph.


As he proved that despite been three years away from TT Races competition, he’s still as competitive as ever around the Mountain Course.

Finishing 34th in an enthralling Pokerstars senior TT, Suter where delighted with Ian’s performance, commenting on their official Facebook page, they said:

“We are very satisfied and would like to thank Ian for the superb race. We will be back, watch out for us at next year’s TT.”

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