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Suter’s New MMX500 GP Machine To Compete Around The Mountain Course!

Like many I am surprised as anyone to hear that Suter’s new MMX500 GP machine will be competing in the superbike and senior races, at TT 2016.

Suter are at present in negotiations with two former TT winners, as they seek to raise an eyebrow or two around the Mountain Course.


Photo by Suter

Suter’s MMX500 produces 195 BHP, anticipated top speed for the evocative new bike is 193 mph.

Last time we saw a Grand Prix spec machine compete around the most famous road racing circuit in the world, was back in 2010 when Olie Linsdell competed on FTR Moto’s moto 2 weapon.

Three times winner of the Moto 2 world championship, Suter are looking forward to the challenge of the Isle of Man TT.

In my opinion it’s going to be a big ask for them to be in contention for top ten, top fifteen finishes. At the same time it’s encouraging to see another manufacturer take to the TT Races.

It adds yet another exciting factor to what is set to be an enthralling two weeks of pure road racing action, at this years TT Races.

Words by Stevie Rial

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