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Suter Withdraw From TT 2017

Suter have announced their withdrawal from TT 2017, which was set to see them run again ten times TT winner Ian Lougher, on their hugely popular two stroke MMX 500 machine.

In a statement issued today, via their Facebook page, they said:

“This year, Suter will not participate in the Isle of Man TT with its spectacular 2stroke Suter MMX 500. Due to major structural changes in the company by additional considerable engineering projects, Suter faces temporary qualified personnel shortage.”

Eskil Suter, Chairman of Suter Industries, regrets this year’s abstinence from the Isle of Man Senior TT:

“Especially as we have improved the MMX 500 after last year’s debut in terms of rideability in a great way, and knowing that the fan base supporting us is huge, it was a hard decision to take.”

Photo by Jim Gibson

Planning to return to the TT Races in 2018, the Switzerland based manufacturer added:

“However, for 2018 Suter is planning to return to the beautiful Isle of Man, hoping that last years rider Ian Lougher who was important for the development of the MMX 500 will be available again to ride the beast around the Snaefall Mountain Course.”

Words by Stevie Rial