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Sidecar Ten Questions Challenge – Craig Melvin

18th alongside Stuart Christian within the second Sure Sidecar encounter, of TT 2017, next gen Manx roads driver Craig Melvin is the next competitor to take part in Road Racing News, Sidecar equivalent of the popular ten questions challenge.

Holder of the number 31 plate for TT 2018, his answers to the series of questions, are as follows:

Q1: Favourite Roads Meet?

“Got to be the TT. Being born and raised on the Isle of Man, it’s amazing to be in a position to fulfil a dream of lining up next to some of the best road racers in the world! Still can’t believe I’m doing it to be honest!”

Photo by Mark Corlett

Q2: Favourite Racing Engine?

“Slick Bass tuned Suzuki engines”

Q3: Best roads moment thus far?

“Receiving the lead Sidecar driver newcomer award, from the Isle of Man TT Marshals in 2015, totally unexpected!”

Q4: Out of the current roads meets, is their one event in particular where you would like to see Sidecars compete?

“Definitely the Ulster Grand Prix.”

Q5: Most respected fellow driver?

“Got to be Karl ‘Karlos Monkey’ Bennett, gone out of his way to help me massively since I started out racing! He’s mega fast for a fat lad too!”

Q6: Three Wheeling Hero?

“Moly (Dave Molyneux), the guy is a legend!”

Q7: What’s the best part about competing on the roads?

“The buzz, nothing in the world comes remotely close to it! Once you’ve done the TT your life is never the same again, you’re just counting down the days to have another go.”

Q8: Three words to describe sidecar racing?

“Maxed out loans.”

Q9: In your opinion, who is the greatest Sidecar TT racer of all time?

“Moly (Dave Molyneux), but I have no doubt that Nick Crowe would be right up there, if he was still tearing it up around the Mountain Course.”

Q10: Pole position or fastest lap?

“Fastest lap”

Words by Stevie Rial