Senior TT Runner-Ups Listicle

Senior TT Runner-Ups Listicle

Since 1911 72 racers have finished runner-up in the race titled by various as the Power and the Glory, the blue riband race, the one they all want to win, the Senior TT.

109 years ago the first Senior TT runner-up was Dublin born Charles Bayly Franklin, who placed second to Indian Motorcycles team mate Oliver Godfrey.

Others pre Moto GP era to finish runner-up within the showpiece event of each TT Races festival included four times runner-up, six times TT winner Jimmy Guthrie plus fellow legends such as Jimmy Simpson, Stanley Woods, Graham Walker and Freddie Dixon.

The early days of the Moto GP World Championship saw many star names take second in the Senior class including respective three, four times runner-up’s John Hartle and Peter Williams, 15 times World Champion Giacomo Agostini, Bob McIntyre, John Surtees, Artie Bell and Geoff Duke.

From the 70’s on-wards no racer has placed second within the Senior TT on more than two occasions. Those to have placed second at least twice are Roger Marshall, Geoff Johnson, Nick Jefferies, Iain Duffus.

Photo by Nick Wheeler

Ian Lougher, Cameron Donald, Manx hero Conor Cummins, outright Mountain Course lap record holder Peter Hickman and the legend that is 26 times TT winner Joey Dunlop.

The full list of those to finish runner-up within the Senior TT, reads as follows:

1911 Charles Bayly Franklin
1912 J R Haswell
1913 A R Abbott
1914 Oliver Godfrey
1920 Doug M Brown
1921 Freddie Dixon
1922 Walter Brandish
1923 G M Black
1924 Harry Langman
1925 Frank Longman
1926 Wal L Handley
1927 Jimmy Guthrie
1928 George Rowley
1929 Alec Bennett
1930 Graham Walker
1931 Jimmy Guthrie
1932 Jimmy Guthrie
1933 Jimmy Simpson
1934 Jimmy Simpson
1935 Jimmy Guthrie
1936 Stanley Woods
1937 Stanley Woods
1938 Stanley Woods
1939 Jock West
1947 Artie Bell
1948 Bill Doran
1949 Johnny Lockett
1950 Artie Bell
1951 Bill Doran
1952 Les Graham
1953 Jack Brett
1954 Geoff Duke
1955 Reg Armstrong
1956 John Hartle
1957 John Surtees
1958 Bob Anderson
1959 Alistair King
1960 John Hartle
1961 Bob McIntyre
1962 Ellis Boyce
1963 John Hartle
1964 Derek Minter
1965 Joe Dunphy
1966 Giacomo Agostini
1967 Peter Williams
1968 Brian Ball
1969 Alan Barnett
1970 Peter Williams
1971 Peter Williams
1972 Alberto Pagani
1973 Peter Williams
1974 Charlie Williams
1975 John Williams
1976 Ian Richards
1977 Tom Herron
1978 Billy Guthrie
1979 Tony Rutter
1980 Steve Cull
1981 Donny Robinson
1982 Jon Ekerold
1983 Con Law
1984 Roger Marshall
1985 Roger Marshall
1986 Geoff Johnson
1987 Geoff Johnson
1988 Steve Hislop
1989 Nick Jefferies
1990 Trevor Nation
1991 Joey Dunlop Silkolene Honda
1992 Carl Fogarty Loctite Yamaha
1993 Nick Jefferies Castrol Honda
1994 Phillip McCallen Castrol Honda
1995 Iain Duffus Top Gun Ducati
1996 Joey Dunlop Honda Britain
1997 Jim Moodie Padgetts Honda
1998 Bob Jackson McAdoo Kawasaki
1999 Iain Duffus V&M Yamaha
2000 Michael Rutter V&M Yamaha
2002 Ian Lougher TAS Suzuki
2003 John McGuinness Monstermob Ducati
2004 Bruce Anstey TAS Suzuki
2005 Ian Lougher DMRR Honda
2006 Cameron Donald Uel Duncan Racing
2007 Guy Martin Hydrex Honda
2008 Cameron Donald Relentless Suzuki by TAS
2009 Conor Cummins McAdoo Kawasaki
2010 Ryan Farquhar MSS Colchester Kawasaki
2011 Guy Martin Relentless Suzuki by TAS
2013 Michael Dunlop Honda TT Legends Racing
2014 Conor Cummins Honda Racing
2015 James Hillier Quattro Plant Kawasaki
2016 Ian Hutchinson Tyco BMW
2017 Peter Hickman Smiths Racing
2018 Dean Harrison Silicone Engineering Racing
2019 Peter Hickman Smiths Racing

Words by Stevie Rial

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