KDM Hire Cookstown 100: Chapeau Cookstown, Irish Road Racing Back In Style

KDM Hire Cookstown 100: Chapeau Cookstown, Irish Road Racing Back In Style

Three racers claimed at least two race wins on KDM Hire Cookstown 100 race day which brought a prominent conclusion to what’s been an Irish roads season unlike any other.

Supersport class conqueror, McAdoo Kawasaki’s Adam McLean returning to roads action for the first time, since his major incident at last year’s Tandragee 100, made it successive race victories with a record-breaking Super Twins triumph.

Victorious by 3.733 seconds over McAdoo team mate Darryl Tweed, race honours were backed up by a new Twins record lap time of 1 minute 28.023 seconds.

Third within the Supersport race, Paul Jordan got the better of the hugely respected Nigel Moore to claim 125/Moto 3/Supersport 300 combined victory.

Yesteryear racing, Irish roads legend Barry Davidson powered to Junior 350, Senior Classic 500, overall Junior Classic, Senior Classic race wins.

Photo by Rod Neill

Richard Ford claimed the Classic 250, Classic 1000 crowns whilst Lightweight 250/400 honours went to Logan Racing’s Neil Kernohan.

Looking back on the Junior, Senior Support class encounters, victories went respectively to reigning Irish Road Race Junior Support Championship winner Vinny Brennan and Michael Gillan.

Whilst the Senior Support B/Non-Qualifiers race yielded a first Cookstown victory for Matt Donaldson.

We’ve got to mention as well that the first ever Russian event competitor, Danilia Krasniuk secured a very creditable top five finish.

Outside of the race winners, racers not mentioned yet who sealed hard earned podium finishes, included the following:

Mark Johnston, Linton Irwin, Philip Shaw, Paul Swords, the Isle of Wight’s Ryan Whitehall, Andy Lock, Andy Whale.

Graham Kennedy, Anthony Lillis, Stephen Tobin, Andy Hornby, David Bradley and Wattie Brown.

Despite the weather putting pay to the showpiece, blue riband feature race, nothing could take the shine off what’s been a huge, huge triumph for Cookstown organisers, the Cookstown & District Motorcycle Club.

Given the situation were in, we’ve been in and we continue to be in due to the Covid-19 pandemic, one can have nothing but admiration, massive respect for the club whose hard work, meticulous preparation has paid off.

Chapeau Cookstown, Irish Road Racing is back! Roll on the 2021 season.

Results per class from today’s action at the 99th KDM Hire Cookstown 100, are as follows:

Senior Support:

1 Vinny Brennan
2 Paul Swords
3 Ryan Whitehall
4 Keelim Ryan
5 Liam Trainor
6 Aaron Hughes
7 James Ford
8 John O’Donovan
9 Anthony O’Carroll
10 Michael Gahan
11 Shaun Wynne
12 Steven Smith
13 Kelly Carruthers
14 Darragh Trappe
15 Richard Telford
16 Tommy Heaphy
17 Gary Jordan
18 Aron Hatch
19 Cameron Robb
20 Adrian Heraty
21 Aidan Cleary
22 George Scott

Senior Support/Non Qualifiers:

1 Matt Donaldson
2 Andy Lock
3 Andy Whale
4 Andrew Sellars
5 Danila Krasniuk
6 Yvonne Montgomery
7 James Rothery

125/Moto 3/Supersport 300:

1 Paul Jordan
2 Nigel Moore
3 Graham Kennedy
4 Chris Meyer
5 Steven Smith
6 Malcolm Love
7 Linton Irwin
8 RJ Woolsey
9 Ross Dunstan
10 Peter Shannon

Junior Support:

1 Michael Gillan
2 Mark Johnson
3 Anthony Lillis
4 Aron Hatch
5 Dave Walsh
6 John O’Donovan
7 Chris Meyer
8 Francis O’Hara
9 Darren Duncan
10 Lee Osprey
11 John Kavanagh
12 James Rothery
13 Shaun Wynne
14 Michael Cash
15 Billy Lyle
16 Mick Gittings
17 Andy Whale

Junior 350 Classics:

1 Barry Davidson
2 Mark Johnson
3 Linton Irwin
4 Freddie Stewart
5 Robert McCrum
6 Jonathan Doran
7 Ian Thompson
8 Andy Kildea
9 Billy Lyle
10 John Leigh Pemberton

Junior 250 Classics:

1 Richard Ford
2 Philip Shaw
3 Nigel Moore
4 Gary Hutton
5 Davy Crawford
6 Peter Shannon

Lightweight 250/400:

1 Neil Kernohan
2 Stephen Tobin
3 Shaun Wynne
4 Ryan Whitehall
5 Michael Cash
6 Dave Walsh
7 Brian Loughlin

Senior 500 Classics:

1 Barry Davidson
2 Mark Johnson
3 Wattie Brown
4 Andy Kildea
5 Gearoid Hoare
6 John Leigh Pemberton

Senior 1000 Classics:

1 Richard Ford
2 Andy Hornby
3 David Bradley
4 Philip Shaw
5 RJ Woolsey
6 Roger Chen

Super Twins:

1 Adam McLean
2 Darryl Tweed
3 Michael Sweeney
4 Stephen McKnight
5 Vinny Brennan
6 Mark Johnson
7 Paul Gartland
8 Michael Gillan
9 John O’Donovan
10 Anthony Lillis
11 Brian Loughlin
12 Dave Walsh
13 RJ Woolsey
14 James Rothery

Words by Stevie Rial

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