69th Scarborough Gold Cup: Day 2 Wrap Up

69th Scarborough Gold Cup: Day 2 Wrap Up

Day 2 of the 69th Scarborough Gold Cup that provided racers with damp, drying, dry all round conditions, didn’t disappoint the hardy race fans, Oliver’s Mount aficionados in attendance, who witnessed racing of top, top quality at England’s only closed roads circuit.

Dean Harrison’s tally of Oliver’s Mount victories is getting close to the 90 mark, with the Bradford racer scooping an 89th race victory today after a truly dominant Classic Superbike Race 1 performance.

Harrison emerged victorious by over 26 seconds! over nearest pursuer, 2017 Barry Sheene Trophy winner Dave Bell.

Photo by Gary Howlett

For the second Classic Superbike race, Harrison was a non starter and this paved the way for Graham Turnbull Racing’s Bell to chalk up class honours.

Bell went onto take the class spoils by just over seven seconds, with second place going to fellow Yamaha mounted racer Sam Johnson.

KTS Racing’s in form Jamie Coward powered to successive Super Twins triumphs whilst next gen ‘Mini TT’ star Jim Hind obliterated the opposition in the 2&4 Stroke races, claiming respective race victories by 11.45, 26.834 seconds.

Julian Tillotson edged out Dan Booth for opening Supersport B Race 1 honours whilst the second class B Supersport race stint went to Tom Robinson, finishing 5.699 seconds ahead of Scarborough stalwart Keith Pringle.

Preston’s Lewis Arrowsmith, Brian Clark shared the Supersport C spoils with Martin Ingham, Ricky Martin, Paul Drinkwater, Colin Croft additionally all registering well deserved top three finishes from the C class middleweight encounters.

Sidecars wise, Lee Crawford/Scott Hardie again took centre stage, acquiring two more three wheeling triumphs at Scarborough.

The opening Sidecar race saw Crawford/Hardie look pretty comfortable out front, easing to an eight second plus victory over the evenly matched Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle, Birchall brothers Ben & Tom.

Sidecars Race 2 began with Crawford/Hardie, Harrison/Winkle making contact at Mere Hairpin on lap 1, which allowed Oliver’s Mount newcomers the Birchalls to take the lead.

It didn’t take long though for Crawford/Hardie to close in on the 10 times TT winner’s and by lap three it looked like a world class three wheeling dice was emerging but then the Birchall’s dropped out the equation on lap four.

From here Crawford/Hardie firmly took a grip on proceedings and by the conclusion of the sixth and final lap, enjoyed a 3.549 second advantage over former TT Champion’s Harrison/Winkle.

The Ramsden’s Steve & Matty completed the top three finishers with places fourth through to sixth clinched by Michael Russell/Karl Schofield, Bruce Moore/Ashley Moore and Richard Hackney/Dave Ryder.

69th Scarborough Gold Cup: Day 2 race results, are as follows:

Super Twins Race 1:

1 Jamie Coward
2 Jim Hind
3 Dominic Herbertson
4 Ian Lougher
5 Rob Hodson
6 Jay Bellers Smith
7 Brad Vicars
8 Ryan Redman
9 Nick Anderson
10 Julian Tillotson
11 Roddy Taylor
12 Keith Pringle
13 Barry Furber
14 Jack Fowler

Photo by Gary Howlett

Super Twins Race 2:

1 Jamie Coward
2 Dean Harrison
3 Jim Hind
4 Ian Lougher
5 Rob Hodson
6 Brad Vicars
7 Michael Rees
8 Alun Brooks
9 Dave Hewson
10 Barry Furber
11 Ryan Redman
12 Roddy Taylor
13 Jack Fowler
14 Andrew Jackson
15 Gary Graves

2&4 Strokes Race 1:

1 Jim Hind
2 Joe Thompson
3 Chris Moore
4 Nick Anderson
5 Mark Purslow
6 Rad Hughes
7 Adam Child
8 Andrew Jackson
9 Tony Flinton
10 Chris Smith
11 Adrian Skaife
12 David Glover
13 John Hannaford

2&4 Strokes Race 2:

1 Jim Hind
2 Chris Moore
3 Mark Purslow
4 Nick Anderson
5 Andrew Jackson
6 Rad Hughes
7 Adam Child
8 Richie Welsh
9 Dean Mitchell
10 Ian Stanford
11 Adrian Skaife
12 Tony Flinton
13 Chris Smith
14 David Glover

Supersport B Race 1:

1 Julian Tillotson
2 Dan Booth
3 Keith Pringle
4 Rad Hughes
5 Barry Furber
6 Kevin Barsby
7 Paul Marley
8 Mark Jackson
9 Justin Collins
10 Robin King
11 Geoffrey Lunn
12 Jack Fowler
13 Brian Fuidge
14 Andy Sailor
15 Jack Petrie
16 Ben Wales
17 Kieran Brockie

Supersport B Race 2:

1 Tom Robinson
2 Keith Pringle
3 Dan Booth
4 Barry Furber
5 Rad Hughes
6 Kevin Barsby
7 Andy Sailor
8 Craig Howton
9 Lewis Arrowsmith
10 Mark Jackson
11 Kieran Brockie
12 Justin Collins
13 Robin King
14 Jack Fowler
15 Martin Morris
16 Jack Petrie
17 Geoffrey Lunn
18 Ben Wales
19 Nick Colley
20 Brian Fuidge

Sidecars Race 1:

1 Lee Crawford/Scott Hardie
2 Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle
3 Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall
4 Steve Ramsden/Matty Ramsden
5 Bruce Moore/Ashley Moore
6 Michael Russell/Karl Schofield
7 Richard Hackney/Dave Ryder
8 Shaun Chandler/Ben Chandler

Sidecars Race 2:

1 Lee Crawford/Scott Hardie
2 Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle
3 Steve Ramsden/Matty Ramsden
4 Michael Russell/Karl Schofield
5 Bruce Moore/Ashley Moore
6 Richard Hackney/Dave Ryder
7 Shaun Chandler/Ben Chandler
8 Paul Riley/Jodie James

Bennetts Classic Superbike Race 1:

1 Dean Harrison
2 Dave Bell
3 Sam Johnson
4 Tom Weeden
5 Dave Hewson
6 Adrian Harrison
7 Brad Vicars
8 Andy Sailor
9 Paul Marley
10 Barry Furber
11 David Suddes
12 Colin Croft
13 Nick Allison
14 Gary Graves
15 John Cliffe

Classic Superbike Race 2:

1 Dave Bell
2 Sam Johnson
3 Adrian Harrison
4 Dave Hewson
5 Andy Sailor
6 Brad Vicars
7 Paul Marley
8 Barry Furber
9 David Suddes
10 Nick Allison
11 Kristian Didelot
12 John Cliffe

Non Qualifiers Race 1:

1 Lewis Arrowsmith
2 Martin Ingham
3 Ricky Martin
4 Lewis Buckerfield
5 Nick Colley
6 Paul Drinkwater
7 Colin Croft
8 Brian Clark
9 Thomas Gigg
10 Colin Read
11 Geoffrey Lunn
12 Oliver Dean
13 Antony Jackson
14 Andrew Castle
15 Craig Robertson
16 Adrian Skaife
17 Garry Broughton
18 Brian Fuidge
19 Andrew Hoare

Non Qualifiers Race 2:

1 Brian Clark
2 Paul Drinkwater
3 Colin Croft
4 Martin Ingham
5 Ian Stanford
6 Colin Read
7 Thomas Gigg
8 Gary Graves
9 Oliver Dean
10 Geoffrey Lunn
11 Adrian Skaife
12 Garry Broughton
13 Brian Fuidge
14 Andrew Castle
15 Andrew Hoare

Words by Stevie Rial

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