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Isle of Man TT 2013 – Lightweight TT Race Report – Fantastic Debut TT Victory For James Hillier

Lightweight TT Race Report


This years lightweight TT race started with perfect conditions all around the TT course. At Glen Helen on lap 1 it was Dean Harrison who took a early lead on the Stewart Smith racing ER6 Kawasaki by half a second over James Hillier in second place, Ivan Lintin slotted into third place whilst Conor Cummins was in fourth place.

By Ballaugh Bridge Harrison still lead Hillier but by only 0.3 of a second, Ivan Lintin and Conor Cummins remained in third and fourth places in front of Jamie Hamilton in fifth place and Michael Rutter who occupied sixth place. At Ramsey James Hillier now lead Dean Harrison by over a second and as lap 1 went on Hillier began to increase his lead out front on the Quattro Plant Kawasaki ER6 super-twin.

As lap 1 came to a close James Hillier led Dean Harrison by 4.4 seconds, James Hillier also on lap 1 went onto to set a new lightweight TT lap record with a lap speed of 117.9 mph. Ivan Lintin was third at the end of lap 1 in front of Conor Cummins in fourth place, Jamie Hamilton, Michael Rutter, Cameron Donald, Chris Palmer, Lee Johnston and Russ Mountford completed the top 10 at the end of lap 1.

So as lap 1 ended the majority of the front runners decided to pit apart from Ivan Lintin, Chris Palmer and Ian Lougher who all went straight through onto lap 2. At Glen Helen on lap 2 James Hillier was now in second place having decided to enter the pits on lap 1, this meant Ivan Lintin was now in the lead by 14 seconds with Dean Harrison now in third place and Chris Palmer was now into fourth place having not pitted at the end of lap 1.

Ivan Lintin continued to lead on lap 2 but Hillier was reeling Ivan in and the gap between them by Ramsey on lap 2 was down to around 4 seconds. Dean Harrison remained in third place, Chris Palmer maintained fourth place in front of Conor Cummins, Jamie Hamilton and Michael Rutter.

Lap 2 came to a close with Hillier back in front by 3.4 seconds over Lintin in second place who pitted at the end of lap 2. This meant Dean Harrison was back into second place, Conor Cummins was now into third place in front of Ivan Lintin who now occupied fourth place and Jamie Hamilton completed the top 5.

As the final lap of the race started James Hillier had a 20 second lead over Dean Harrison in second place, Conor Cummins maintained third place with Ivan Lintin now in fourth place in front of fifth placed Jamie Hamilton and Michael Rutter who completed the top six.

At Glen Helen on lap 3 there was no major changes at the front as James Hillier kept up his lead of over 20 seconds over Dean Harrison. By Ramsey on lap 3 Hillier had a lead of over 25 seconds over Harrison in second place whilst Cummins, Hamilton and Rutter where all closely matched on the KMR Kawasaki powered by Vauxhall super-twin bikes.

So over the mountain the riders went on lap 3 and James Hillier was in a league of his own now leading by 30 seconds over Dean Harrison who maintained second place whilst the battle was on for third place between Conor Cummins and Ivan Lintin, only 3 seconds between them as lap 3 entered its final conclusion.

Lap 3 came to a close which saw James Hillier take a fantastic debut TT victory on the Quattro Plant Kawasaki ER6 super-twin, Dean Harrison recorded his first TT podium finish whilst Conor Cummins finished in third place to take his first TT podium finish since 2010. Ivan Lintin finished in a personal best TT finish in 4th place on the Mckinstry racing ER6 Kawasaki, whilst Jamie Hamilton and Michael Rutter completed the top 6.

Cameron Donald, Chris Palmer, Lee Johnston and Ian Lougher rounded out the top 10 during this record breaking lightweight TT race. On the final lap of the race James Hillier set another new lap record for the lightweight TT with a lap speed of 119.129 mph, a quite brilliant lap speed. Dave-Madsen-Mygdal finished in 20th place to record his 100th TT finish, congratulations to Dave on a truly remarkable feat.

Gavin Hunt was the leading newcomer in the lightweight TT race finishing in a excellent 14th place on the KMR Kawasaki powered by Vauxhall super-twin, many riders achieved personal best finishes including Maria Costello MBE, Adrian Harrison and Michal Dokoupil who finished in 16th, 19th and 23rd positions. So a interesting race which saw James Hillier record his first TT win, James who made his TT debut in 2008 is now one of only select riders that can say they have won a Isle of Man TT race.

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