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John Mcguinness sets new Isle of Man TT lap record in superbike TT race


John Mcguinness set a new lap record in the superbike TT race. John riding the Honda TT legends racing superbike on lap 4 of the superbike TT race set a new absolute lap record at a lap speed of 131.670 mph. The bike that John was competing on also had a unique colour scheme on it which was that the colour scheme was based on TT legend Joey Dunlop’s Honda SP2 superbike from the 2000 formula 1 TT race.

John went onto to finish this years superbike TT race in 3rd place but John’s final lap of the race was a special one and proved that John is still more than capable of taking superbike & senior TT wins at the Isle of Man TT.


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