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Isle of Man TT 2013 – Jimmy Storrar Aiming For Top Results With The Wilson Craig Racing Team


Jimmy Storrar is aiming for top results at this years Isle of Man TT having teamed up the Wilson Craig racing team for this years event. Jimmy said when talking about the TT that ” No feeling in the world can match it” competing at the TT.

Jimmy also said that the TT is unique and that you need the complete package at the TT regarding machinery as its the hardest on the bikes. Plus Jimmy said that the concentration levels at the TT when riding is at maximum capacity.

It was in 2008 when Jimmy first started to think about competing at the TT. Jimmy said that in 2008 he thought “Oh lets have a go” and since then Jimmy has being aiming to compete at the TT. In 2012 Jimmy realised his ambition and made his TT debut lapping at over 122 mph making him the fastest TT newcomer of 2012.

Jimmy aims for this year are to keep improving at the TT and just to be steady away with upping his fastest lap times and race results. Jimmy Storrar now in his second year of competing at the Isle of Man TT has the bikes and the talent to achieve top results at this years TT.


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