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Gary Johnson – JRC Racing


Gary Johnson and the JRC (John Robert Chapman) racing team are looking forward to this years Isle of Man TT. Gary is competing on for this years TT a Honda Fireblade superbike in the superbike TT race, a Kawasaki ZX10 superstock bike for the superstock TT race. Alongside this Gary is on the Valmoto MV Agusta for the supersport TT races and a WK bikes 650 super-twin for the lightweight TT.

Gary said about his superstock bike for this years TT that he has bought the bike himself and that its a decent piece of kit, plus that at first the Kawasaki superstock bike didn’t handle and had issues. But now Gary says its one of the best superstock bikes he has ever rode.


Mechanics to Gary for this years TT are Steve Parkin and Spider. Gary says about the JRC racing team that its a close knit one. Gary’s Honda Fireblade superbike is 2011 spec and has lapped the TT course in 2011 at over 130 mph. Plus the bike has now over 200 bhp, Gary says about the superbike that its 95 percent the best bike I could build.

So Gary’s superbike is a well made bike as is the Kawasaki superstock bike. Gary and the JRC racing team are a great combination and between them theres every chance of race wins at this years Isle of Man TT.

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