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Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

This weeks series of questions, in the second instalment of Road Racing News weekly quiz feature series which hopefully will test your knowledge of the sport, and prove a bit of fun! are as follows:

Q1: Which racer concluded his maiden Manx GP campaign in 2012, with success in a dramatic Senior race?

Q2: Closing in on 800 rostrum finishes, which manufacturer holds the record for the most TT podium finishes?

Q3: Only two racers thus far have secured the feature Race of Legends crown at Armoy, who are they?

Q4: Who won the inaugural Duke Road Race Rankings championship in 2002?

Q5: The legend that is Joey Dunlop completed how many races in his prodigious TT career?

Q6: Which iconic roads course three years ago joined the IRRC calendar?

Q7: Back in 2010 which American piloting the American Motocsyz machine, won the first TT Zero race?

Q8: Combined how many Ulster GP victories do Bruce Anstey and Guy Martin have?

Q9: Who claimed their first International roads success in 2008 at Macau?

Q10: To date Brazil’s sole International roads competitor within the present decade, has been?

The answers to last weeks series of questions which included ones focused around Kawasaki’s last Senior TT success, plus additional interesting TT stats are as follows:

Q1: Who is the reigning IRRC Supersport Champion?

Answer: Matthieu Lagrive

Q2: How many TT wins do Michael Dunlop, Peter Hickman and John McGuinness have combined?

Answer: 43

Q3: 16 times TT winner Ian Hutchinson first venture into Mountain Course competition was at the Manx Grand Prix, but in which year did he first tackle the fabled 37 and three quarter miles long course?

Answer: 2003

Q4: How many riders can join the prestigious ‘Tommy Club’ based Manx GP accolade?

Answer: 36

Q5: Which roads course is commonly referred to as the Southern Hemisphere’s Isle of Man?

Answer: Cemetery Circuit (New Zealand)

Q6: Just three manufacturers have secured to date 100 or more TT victories, which three are they?

Answer: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki

Photo by Rod Neill

Q7: New Honda Racing signing David Johnson made his TT debut in 2010 with which team?

Answer: TC Racing

Q8: Which brothers respectively won last year the Irish Road Race Junior Support and Senior Support Championships?

Answer: Barry Sheehan/Wayne Sheehan

Q9: Kawasaki’s last Senior TT success happened in which year?

Answer: 1975

Q10: Guy Martin’s first of eight Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup success at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, arose when?

Answer: 2003

Words by Stevie Rial