Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

This weeks series of questions with a TT 2019 twist to them, in the eighteenth instalment of Road Racing News weekly quiz feature series, which hopefully will test your knowledge of the sport, and prove a bit of fun! are as follows:

Q1: Who set the fastest lap speed overall from TT 2019?

Q2: When adding together Michael Dunlop, Dean Harrison, Bruce Anstey and Michael Rutter’s amount of TT victories, what is the collective total?

Q3: New Zealand’s sole competitor at TT 2019 was?

Q4: Which country was represented for the first time at TT 2019?

Q5: What stat results wise combines the 2018 Senior TT, 2019 Superbike TT and 2019 Senior TT?

Q6: The lead Suzuki mounted competitor within the Dunlop Senior TT, was?

Q7: How many races secured silver replica finishes in the opening Monster Energy Supersport encounter?

Q8: In total how many racers completed the latest SES TT Zero race?

Q9: Who is this respected Mountain Course exponent?

Photo by Mark Corlett

Q10: Solve this TT themed anagram – nsvteneos

The answers to the previous series of TT 2019 themed questions, which included ones focused around topics such as James Hillier’s TT podium finishes total, ultra impressive Sidecar Mountain Course debutants and Lightweight TT competition, are as follows:

Q1: Peter Hickman’s RST Superbike TT success, took his total of International Road Race victories to?

Answer: At the time 14, since then it’s grown to 16.

Q2: Second in last evening’s opening Monster Energy Supersport race, James Hillier’s total of TT rostrum finishes, now stands at?

Answer: At the time 13, since then it’s grown to 14.

Q3: The new quickest Sidecar TT newcomers in history, are?

Answer: Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe

Q4: Combined how many TT finishes do Joey Dunlop and John McGuinness have?

Answer: 158

Q5: TT 2019 marks 21 years since which Scotsman claimed Formula 1 and Senior race honours?

Answer: Ian Simpson

Q6: Practice week pace setter in the Super Twins class, is which esteemed Yorkshire roads exponent?

Answer: Jamie Coward

Q7: Lead Manx GP graduate Michael Browne, placed were in the opening four lap Monster Energy Supersport encounter?

Answer: 20th place

Q8: Just three racers topped the 132 mph mark, in yesterday’s RST Superbike TT, who were they?

Answer: Peter Hickman, Dean Harrison and Conor Cummins

Q9: Who is this respected TT Races competitor?

Photo by Nick Wheeler

Answer: Michael Browne

Q10: Solve this TT themed anagram – ptkroaim

Answer: Optimark

Words by Stevie Rial

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