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Unique 100 Laps/Riders/Hours Mountain Course Initiative Launched

A quite unique, innovative, historic challenge has been recently launched by a band of road racing enthusiasts, roads event organising members, which will see on the 19th of June, the challenge of 100 laps of the Mountain Course, over a 100 hour period, undertaken by 100 riders take place.

The initiative organised by Steve Marsh, former Newcomers Manx GP winner Jim Hunter, Alex Aitchinson, Leanne Redmayne and Dave Redmayne, is raising money for multiple worthy causes.

They are as follows: the Manx GP Supporters Club, Southern 100 Supporters Club, the Billy Redmayne Memorial Fund, the Isle of Man ACU Benevolent Fund, plus a humanitarian trip.

The 100 laps, 100 riders, 100 hours challenge begins on the 19th of June, at 6:00 PM, and runs through to the 23rd of June, at 9:00 PM.

It costs £25 pounds to take part in the challenge, which epitomises the magic, history, prestige, mythical nature of the unparalleled Mountain Course.

For further info on the 100 laps, riders, hours initiative, pop over to the event’s Facebook page,

Words by Stevie Rial