TT 2017: RST Superbike Race – Live Updates

TT 2017: RST Superbike Race – Live Updates

Live updates from what’s set to be a gripping 2017 RST Superbike race.

Photo by Mark Corlett

10:59 PM – What will today bring for Honda Racing and Guy Martin?

Photo by Nick Wheeler

11:18 PM – 66 riders set to grace, the 2017 RST Superbike TT, amongst them include fastest qualifier outside of the top 20 seeds, Cookstown BE Racing’s Derek Sheils.

11:26 PM – One to watch in the six lap race, new Jackson Racing signing, Craig Neve.

Photo by Nick Wheeler

12:33 PM – You can sense the tension in Parc Ferme, Padgetts team look relaxed, interesting to note Craig Neve running Michelin Tyres aboard the Jackson Racing Honda Fireblade.

12:34 PM – Conditions looking excellent, for the opening race of TT 2017.

12:43 PM – WH Racing’s Dominic Herbertson, feeling good ahead of the six lap race, yesterday the rising roads star gained track time a plenty, soaking up 9 laps of the Mountain Course.

1:11 PM – James Cowton, a confirmed non starter.

1:18 PM – Pit crews, getting ready for action in the pit lane.

1:28 PM – Leading the Czech Republic challenge today, Kamil Holan

Photo by Nick Wheeler

1:31 PM – Ryan Kneen a late non starter

1:37 PM – Eric Wilson, an additional non starter

1:51 PM – Guy Martin, doesn’t sound extremely optimistic, of a standout result, on his return to TT competition.

1:54 PM – Josh Brookes pleased to be back, competing at the TT Races.


Lap 1:

David Johnson, gets the RST Superbike race underway, aboard the great sounding SG6 Norton.

Top 20 seeded riders, all away.

Glen Helen:

James Hiller takes a surprise early lead at Glen Helen, leading 0.863 of a second over Dean Harrison, Ian Hutchinson just 1.5 back, Michael Dunlop 0.1 behind his great rival.

Padgetts Racing duo Bruce Anstey and Conor Cummins, complete the top six.

Smiths Racing’s Peter Hickman seventh, Dan Kneen eighth, David Johnson and Michael Rutter, are tied ninth.

Honda Racing’s Guy Martin, off at Dorran’s Bend, perfectly ok.

Ballaugh Bridge:

Hillier still leads, but Michael Dunlop moves into third place, just behind Dean Harrison.

Hutchinson is 2.4 clear of Conor Cummins, Bruce Anstey drops back to sixth.

Dan Kneen into seventh, Peter Hickman back to eighth.

Ramsey Hairpin:

Dean Harrison moves into the lead, half a second clear of James Hillier, Michael Dunlop remains third, just 0.7 behind the JG Speedfit Kawasaki rider.

Ian Hutchinson is still fourth, Peter Hickman moves into fifth, Conor Cummins back to sixth.

Dan Kneen is seventh, Bruce Anstey drops back to eighth, Michael Rutter and David Johnson round out the top ten.


Michael Dunlop now goes into race lead, the third different race leader in one lap!

Dean Harrison second, is just 0.237 behind, James Hillier is just 0.4 back, in third place.

Ian Hutchinson is fourth, but five seconds back.

Peter Hickman fifth, just 1.5 back, Dan Kneen into sixth place, Conor Cummins back to seventh.

Cronk Ny Mona:

Dunlop’s lead increases to a second, Hillier back into second, Harrison now third.

Hutchinson remains fourth, Hickman fifth in close proximity, Dan Kneen finalises the top six.

End of lap 1:

Michael Dunlop’s lead at the end of lap 1, stands at 1.885 seconds, over Dean Harrison, following an opening lap speed from a standing start of 131.135 mph.

James Hillier third, is just half a second back.

Ian Hutchinson and Peter Hickman, are closely matched in fourth and fifth, Dan Kneen impressing in sixth place.

Conor Cummins, Bruce Anstey, Michael Rutter and Norton’s David Johnson, finalise the top ten.

Lap 2:

Glen Helen:

Dunlop maintains his race lead at Glen Helen, albeit slightly lower, with Dean Harrison reduces his lead to 1.485 seconds.

James Hillier third, is roughly four seconds back, Ian Hutchinson in fourth, reeling in the 2013 Lightweight TT winner.

Peter Hickman remains fifth, Conor Cummins back into sixth, 1.274 clear of fellow Manxman, Dan Kneen.

Bruce Anstey currently circulating in eighth place, aboard the exotic RC213V-S Honda.

Ballaugh Bridge:

Dean Harrison back into race lead at Ballaugh Bridge, Michael Dunlop retires at Handley’s.

James Hillier now second, Ian Hutchinson is third, 0.4 back.

Peter Hickman is now fourth, Conor Cummins and Dan Kneen finalise the top six.

Michael Rutter into seventh place, David Johnson, Bruce Anstey and William Dunlop complete the top ten.

Ramsey Hairpin:

Dean Harrison’s lead increases up to 7.537 seconds, over Tyco BMW’s Ian Hutchinson now second.

James Hillier third just 0.451 back, Peter Hickman into fourth place, Conor Cummins ten seconds back in fifth.

Dan Kneen sixth, just 0.835 back, behind his fellow Manxman.

David Johnson, Michael Rutter, William Dunlop now into ninth, Bruce Anstey round out the top ten.


At the Bungalow Harrison’s lead reduced to 6.594 seconds over James Hillier, now back into second, Ian Hutchinson back to third, 0.8 behind.

Smiths Racing’s Peter Hickman just 1.1 back, behind his fellow S1000RR BMW mounted compatriot.

Manx stars Conor Cummins and Dan Kneen, round out the top six.

Cronk Ny Mona:

Harrison’s lead reduced further to 5.173 seconds over Hillier, Hickman up to third, Hutchinson back to fourth.

Cummins still fifth, Kneen remains sixth.

End of Lap 2:

Dean Harrison’s lead at the end of lap 2, 5.437 seconds over James Hillier, courtesy of a lap speed of 130.907 mph.

Peter Hickman now third, just 1.6 behind Hillier, Hutchinson fourth 1.2 further back.

Norton’s David Johnson going well, holding seventh.

Conor Cummins loses loads of time, in the pits, effectively halting his challenge for a podium finish.

Lap 3:

After the pit stops, Dean Harrison has a four second lead over Ian Hutchinson, Peter Hickman remains third, James Hillier who had a long pit stop, back to fourth.

Glen Helen:

Harrison leads Hutchinson at Glen Helen, by 4.887 seconds.

Hickman is third 5.3 back, Hillier 7.7 behind, the Smiths Racing rider.

Norton’s David Johnson moves into fifth place, Michael Rutter finalises the top six.

Ballaugh Bridge:

Harrison slightly increases lead at Ballaugh Bridge, 4.943 seconds clear.

Hutchinson second, is starting to run in good form, same as Peter Hickman, third, who is 7.2 in front of James Hillier.

Ramsey Hairpin:

Dean Harrison’s lead reduced to 4.263 seconds over Ian Hutchinson, Hickman 5.8 back in third.

James Hillier dropping slightly further back in fourth place.

The Norton of David Johnson, still going well holding fifth.

Dan Kneen seventh, received a 30 second time penalty in the pits.

Gary Johnson a confirmed retirement.


Harrison’s lead significantly reduced at the Bungalow.

The gap at the front, is now down to 1.495.

Tyco BMW’s Hutchinson, is on a charge!

Hickman, not out of contention in third, just 5.222 back.

Cronk Ny Mona:

Harrison’s lead now down to 0.28 of a lead, Hutchinson second, is mounting a firm challenge to his fellow Yorkshire based rider.

Hickman third looking dangerous, not far behind, to the leading duo.

End of Lap 3:

Ian Hutchinson becomes the fourth different race leader, in three laps.

Harrison is just 0.488 behind, Hickman third, is just a further 3.172 back.

Michael Rutter now occupies fifth, Norton’s David Johnson, completes the top six.

Lap 4:

Glen Helen:

Dean Harrison back into race lead, 0.610 in front of Ian Hutchinson, Peter Hickman, six seconds further back in third.

James Hillier fourth, reeling in Hickman, for the final spot on the podium.

Ballaugh Bridge:

Harrison ever so slightly increases the lead at Ballaugh Bridge, the gap at the front now stands at 0.651 of a second, Hickman third, 6.6 back.

Hillier chipping away in fourth place, circulating on the road, with Hutchinson.

Ramsey Hairpin:

Hutchinson now back into the lead, 0.7 in front of Harrison, possibly held up by the Norton, of David Johnson, going into Ramsey Hairpin.

Hickman third, just five seconds back, Bruce Anstey stops at Ramsey Hairpin, then gets back going.

Dan Kneen back into sixth, reeling in rutter for fifth place.


Hutchinson now 3 seconds clear out front, Harrison just 1.727 in front of a charging Peter Hickman.

James Hillier just five seconds back, just ten seconds covering the top four, what a race!

Cronk Ny Mona:

Hutchinson continues to lead at Cronk Ny Mona, 4.357 now in front of Peter Hickman, who slots into second place, just 0.88 in front of Harrison, back in third.

Rutter and Kneen, closely matched in fifth and sixth.

End of Lap 4:

Hutchinson leads by four seconds over Hickman, Harrison third now 1.617 behind.

Rutter remains in fifth, Kneen is sixth, Cummins experiencing more problems in the pit lane.

Lap 5:

Glen Helen:

Hutchinson’s lead now 9.337 seconds over Hillier, following the pit stops.

Hickman just 0.7 behind in third, Harrison back to fourth, just 0.6 further back.

Ballaugh Bridge:

Ian Hutchinson, now almost ten seconds clear of James Hillier, at Ballaugh Bridge.

Smiths Racing’s Peter Hickman is third, but just 0.895 in front of Dean Harrison.

Conor Cummins is an official retirement at the pits, Top Gun Racing’s Dan Hegarty, is another high profile retirement.

Ramsey Hairpin:

Hutchinson’s lead at Ramsey Hairpin, increases to 10.967 seconds, over Hickman in second, who overhauls Hillier and Harrison, for the number 2 spot, at present.

Rutter fifth, is been reeled in by Penz 13 BMW’s Kneen, only 0.318 between them.


Hutchinson 9.4 clear at the Bungalow, Hickman looking on course for a first TT podium finish.

Hillier third, just 0.9 behind the twice Macau GP winner, Harrison fourth, still battling away, for a spot on the podium.

Cronk Ny Mona:

Hickman steadily eating into Hutchinson’s lead just 8.574 behind, Hillier remains third, Harrison 2.5 further back in fourth place.

End of Lap 5:

It’s maybe to late for Hickman to overhaul Hutchinson, but the gap is down to 7.956 seconds.

Hillier and Harrison, are extremely closely matched in third and fourth.

Still just over 10 seconds covering, the top four.

Dan Kneen now a great fifth, just in front of Michael Rutter.

Lap 6:

Glen Helen:

Drama at Glen Helen on lap 6, Hickman gets the race lead down to 2.519, Dean Harrison back into third, Hillier back to fourth.

Ballaugh Bridge:

Hickman reduces the race lead even more, now down to 2 seconds, what a climax, to a quite dramatic race.

Harrison third, looking on course for a first big bike TT podium finish.

Ramsey Hairpin:

Hutchinson’s lead now down to 1.644, Harrison third just five seconds further back.

Hillier fourth, is 5.8 behind the Silicone Engineering Racing rider.


2.798 seconds is the lead for Ian Hutchinson at the Bungalow, there’s nothing in it, between him and Peter Hickman, for race honours in the opening race of TT 2017:

Harrison third, is 4.3 clear of James Hillier, huge battle on, for the final spot on the podium.

Cronk Ny Mona:

Four seconds the lead now at Cronk Ny Mona, it’s looking like a 15th TT victory for Hutchinson.

End of Lap 6:

Ian Hutchinson wins the 2017 RST Superbike race, by just over five seconds, it’s his 15th TT victory, surpassing the legendary Mike Hailwood’s tally of TT victories, Smiths Racing’s Peter Hickman a great second, his first podium finish, at the TT Races.

Silicone Engineering Racing’s Dean Harrison completes the top three finishers, his first big bike TT podium finish.

14.7 covers the top four finishers, with James Hillier finishing in fourth place.

Dan Kneen finishes a fine fifth, equalling his personal best TT finish.

Bathams SMT Racing’s Michael Rutter, finalises the top six finishers.

Norton’s David Johnson and Josh Brookes, finish seventh and eighth, William Dunlop and Martin Jessopp wrap up the top ten.

Good result for Sam West finishing 12th behind Horst Saiger.

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