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Top Ten Roads Moments Of 2016: No.10 Stefano Bonetti’s Lightweight TT Exploits

One of the feel good moments of TT 2016, was Stefano Bonetti’s fifth place finish in the Lightweight race.

Piloting the CCM Motorsport Paton, he produced a first class all round performance, consistently in contention for a podium finish with the likes of Martin Jessopp and Gary Johnson.

Having starred throughout practice week, mixing it with the all conquering ER6 Kawasaki’s, it was great to see a touch of variety, at the sharp end of the Lightweight TT leaderboard.

Stefano’s fifth place finish, provided Paton with their third successive top six finish, at the TT Races.


Photo by Jim Gibson

This was also the best finish by a competitor from Italy at the most famous road race in the world, thus far in the 21st century.

He’s set to lead Paton’s TT challenge once again next year, this time with under the SC Project banner.

It would not be a surprise to many if Stefano goes onto secure a podium finish, in next years Lightweight encounter, at TT 2017.

Words by Stevie Rial

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