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The Story Behind The Picture – Jimmy Moore, TT 2009

Every TT meeting carries great moments for competitors, teams, marshals, fans, reporters, photographers and one that stands out for me from TT 2009 was spectating for the first time at Kirk Michael.

Watching trackside at Kirk Michael, was everything and more that I expected. Once the first bikes sped through my initial thoughts were wow! this is it when it comes to motorsport excellence.

One by one, they went through, John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, Guy Martin, Conor Cummins, Adrian Archibald, Michael Rutter, Steve Plater, Keith Amor, Gary Johnson, Ian Lougher, you name them all the elite names.

Overseas stars in action included TT debutants Rico Penzkofer, Marc Fissette, CR Gittere, Jimmy Vanderhaar and fellow Americans Mark Miller and Jimmy Moore pictured below aboard the JMF Millsport Yamaha.

Three wheeling wise I recall almost immediately thinking the Sidecars are unique, something different and to this day I’m amazed by the engineering within them.

Back in 2009 the now all conquering Birchall brothers were TT newcomers with the established front runners been greats such as Dave Molyneux, John Holden, Klaus Klaffenbock and Nick Crowe.

I’d be remiss as well when reflecting on TT 2009, not to mention the first introduction of electric bikes to the fabled, mythical Mountain Course.

Whilst lacking the noise, the flair of current generation two wheel steeds, they none the less created quite the impression on the pure road racing fraternity.

Words by Stevie Rial