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Stats: Fastest Southern 100 Racers Per Nation

Next event to feature in Road Racing News, fastest racers per nation series is the Castletown based Southern 100.

During recent days I’ve compiled a list of the fastest ‘Friendly Races’ pilots ranging from England to Belgium to the Netherlands to Portugal to Italy to Denmark to Australia.

Photo by Mark Corlett

The list comprising of 16 nations most rapid competitors around the fast, flowing roads of Billown, reads as follows:

(PB Southern 100 lap time located near racers name)

Australia: Cameron Donald 2.17.510
Czech Republic: Michal Dokoupil 2.31.115
Portugal: Nuno Caetano 2.31.769
Netherlands: Jochem Van Den Hoek 2.24.677
Germany: Thomas Gottschalk 2.26.784
Italy: Tommaso Totti 2.30.946
Austria: Hubert Kalthuber 2.36.799
France: Xavier Denis 2.26.024

Belgium: Jean Pierre Polet 2.29.499
Denmark: Anders Blacha 2.43.844
Northern Ireland: Michael Dunlop 2.12.231 (Outright record lap time)
Isle of Man: Dan Kneen 2.12.335
England: Dean Harrison 2.12.468
Wales: Ian Lougher 2.16.750
Ireland: Derek McGee 2.17.452 (Quickest overseas racer)
Scotland: Mark Buckley 2.23.004

Words by Stevie Rial