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Sidecar Ten Questions Challenge – Scott Hardie

Winner alongside Lee Crawford of the opening Sidecar races, within the 2017 Scarborough Gold Cup, additionally amongst the leading newcomers passengers wise of TT 2017, Glenrothes Scott Hardie is the next competitor to take part in Road Racing News, Sidecar equivalent of the popular ten questions challenge.

Scott’s answers to the series of questions, are as follows:

Q1: Favourite Roads Meet?

“I would have to say due to the aspect of the racing, the Isle of Man TT, but events at Oliver’s Mount are a close second.”

Q2: Favourite Racing Engine?

“Anything two stroke. That MMX 500 Suter is something to drool over.”

Q3: Best roads moment thus far?

“Best roads moment so far would be a tie between beating Tim Reeves at Oliver’s Mount, and lapping the Mountain Course at over the 108 mph mark.”

Q4: Out of the current roads meets, is their one event in particular where you would like to sidecars compete?

“Bring back competition at the Beveridge Park circuit. That would be something.”

Q5: Most respected fellow driver?

“Most respected fellow passenger would have to be Matty Ramsden. Have a lot of respect for him. Nothing is to much of a task to him, just gets on with it. Not a bad driver too.”

Q6: Three Wheeling Hero?

“I used to have a three wheeling hero. I now racing alongside him, it’s Lee Crawford. I remember our 1st meeting ever at Cadwell Park, watching the Sidecar Bash A race, saying to myself at the time, I would like to passenger for him one day.”

Q7: What’s the best part about competing on the roads?

“Best part about the roads has to be just the adrenaline of skirting kerbs, grass verges & jumps in Scarborough’s case.”

Q8: Three words to describe sidecar racing?

“Rewarding, stressful & life.”

Q9: In your opinion, who is the greatest Sidecar TT racer of all time?

“Has to be Moly (Dave Molyneux), only one answer to that.”

Q10: Pole position or fastest lap?

“Fastest lap”

Words by Stevie Rial