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Serbia’s Pure Road Racing Heritage

I think it’s fair to say, not many outside of Serbia, will have heard about the nation’s pure road racing heritage.

Two of the nation’s most famous roads circuit’s are Beograd and Kragujevac, whilst arguably the most prominent roads meetings for bike racing action in the 2010’s thus far, have been at the Beranovac circuit, located within Kraljevo.

Leading Serbian racers to enjoy success at Beranovac in recent years, have included Stevan Petrovic, Darko Todorov, Milos Milovanovic and Drazenko Tintor.


Photo by Andreja Markovic

Having closely watched on board video’s a plenty on You Tube, Beranovac has a mix of a Czech roads meeting, mixed with parts of the Triangle circuit, home of the North West 200.

Consisting of 14 corners, credentials needed to master the roads venue, include been superb at late breaking, having a smooth riding style and been line perfect.

It’s not clear at present, as to whether bikes will be taking to the Kraljevo based roads circuit, in 2017.

One thing’s for sure though along with Beograd and Kragujevac, it has showcased yet again the sheer worldwide draw of pure road racing within countries, where you might not anticipate it to happen, like Serbia.

Words by Stevie Rial

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