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Robbin Harms Teams Up With DP Coldplaning/TC Racing Team For TT 2015

Robbin Harms is teaming up with the DP Coldplaning/TC racing team for TT 2015. This years TT races will mark Robbin’s first year of competition at the road race which always creates history, excitement and memorable moments.

The fifth place finisher in the 2006 world supersport championship is looking forward to making his TT debut and is determined to get to grips with the mountain course quickly.

DP Coldplaning/TC racing team have in the last ten years at the TT and the Manx Grand Prix ran many a road racing star including in 2005 running two times TT races winner Cameron Donald on his TT debut.

In 2010 the team worked with David Johnson who went onto become quickest newcomer at TT 2010 and most recently recorded excellent fourth place finish in 2014 superstock TT.


Photo by Road Racing News

The team ran by former Manx Grand Prix and TT competitor Mick Charnock are delighted to be working with Robbin Harms at TT 2015 as both team and rider target strong results in superbike, superstock, supersport and senior TT races.

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