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Robbin Harms Makes Successful Pure Road Racing Debut At TT 2015

Robbin Harms made a successful pure road racing debut at TT 2015 as he competed for the first time around the mountain course.

Following a solid practice week adapting quickly to the most iconic road racing circuit in the world Robbin was all set for action in opening Monster Energy supersport TT.


Competing on DP Coldplaning/TC Racing CBR 600 Honda he sealed 50th place finish as he continued to build up his pace, speed and knowledge at TT 2015.

Monster Energy supersport race two would prove to be highly productive for Robbin who secured highly respectable 43rd place finish.


Plus he set new personal best lap speed of 116.219 mph which makes him the third fastest newcomer during this years Isle of Man TT.

He thoroughly enjoyed his first two weeks competition around the mountain course riding for the vastly experienced DP Coldplaning/TC Racing.

There’s no doubt that Robbin has the potential in the future to become a front runner at TT Races.


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