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Isle of Man TT 2013 – Supersport TT Race 1 Report – Michael Dunlop makes it two wins out of 2 at TT 2013

Supersport TT race 1 report


The Monster Energy supersport TT race 1 for 2013 started in perfect conditions all round. At Glen Helen on the first lap it was William Dunlop who took a early lead over his brother Michael Dunlop by 1.5 seconds, Bruce Anstey slotted into third place whilst James Hillier, John Mcguinness, Guy Martin and Cameron Donald where all battling over 4th place.

Mid way through lap 1 saw Michael Dunlop take over at the front, William Dunlop was now in second place whilst Bruce Anstey was fast reeling William Dunlop in. Guy Martin was now into fourth place, John Mcguinness after a steady start was building his pace up and was now into the top 6 on lap 1. At the end of lap 1 Michael Dunlop had around a 4 second lead over Bruce Anstey who occupied now second place in front of William Dunlop who held third position.

Guy Martin was still in fourth position in front of Cameron Donald who held fifth place. John Mcguinness, Dean Harrison, Gary Johnson, James Hillier and Dan Stewart completed the top 10 in the race at the end of lap 1. Onto lap 2 and Michael Dunlop upped his lead over Bruce Anstey in second place to over 6 seconds, William Dunlop still held third place whilst Guy Martin and Cameron Donald where close together in fourth and fifth positions. By Ramsey on lap 2 Michael Dunlop had upped his lead at the front further now up to 7.7 seconds over Bruce Anstey in second place.

William Dunlop, Cameron Donald, Guy Martin and John Mcguinness where all closely matched half way through lap 2 as the first and only pit-stops in the race approached at the end of lap 2. As the riders entered the pits Michael Dunlop had a 10 second lead over Bruce Anstey, William Dunlop was in third place, Guy Martin was now into fourth place just in front of Cameron Donald. John Mcguinness was in sixth place but getting faster as the race went on, James Hillier and Dean Harrison where closely matched as they where battling over seventh place.

After the pit-stops Michael Dunlop had still a 10 second lead over Bruce Anstey in second place as lap 3 began. William Dunlop remained in third place in front of Guy Martin and John Mcguinness who had a superb pit-stop and was now in front of Cameron Donald who now held sixth place. Dean Harrison remained in seventh place just in front of James Hillier but reliability issues halted Gary Johnson and the Valmoto MV Agusta team from a top 10 finish in this years supersport TT race 1.

At half distance through lap 3 there was no major changes in the top 10 of the race apart from John Mcguinness now moving into fourth place ahead of Guy Martin, John was now also fast reeling William Dunlop in for a podium finish. Michael Dunlop still lead out front and was now 10.5 seconds clear of Bruce Anstey in second place.

When lap 3 ended Michael Dunlop had still around a 10.3 second lead over Bruce Anstey but a battle for third place was emerging between William Dunlop and John Mcguinness. Guy Martin still held fifth place but was now coming under pressure for to keep in fifth from Quattro Plant Kawasaki rider James Hillier. Cameron Donald was now down in seventh place in front of Dean Harrison who was impressing everyone as Dean was homing in on a personal best finish at the TT.

Lap 4 saw John Mcguinness continue to reel William Dunlop in for third place the gap between them was down to under 5 seconds. Michael Dunlop had a comfortable lead out at the front of the race with Bruce Anstey still pushing whilst holding second place. By Ramsey on lap 4 Michael Dunlop continued to lead in front of Bruce Anstey whilst William Dunlop upped his pace to move now 6 seconds clear of John Mcguinness in fourth place.

As the race came to a close Michael Dunlop took the chequered flag to win his second TT race of TT 2013 and his fifth TT win in all. Finishing in second on the HM Plant Honda by Padgetts motorcycles supersport bike was Bruce Anstey who rode superbly, Bruce’s performance made all the more remarkable as in the last few days Bruce has not felt well suffering from a cold. William Dunlop finished in third place his second podium finish at the Isle of Man TT, John Mcguinness came home in fourth place, James Hillier finished in a quite brilliant fifth place on the Quattro Plant Kawasaki ZX6.

Guy Martin finished in sixth place whilst Cameron Donald, Dean Harrison, Dan Stewart and Dan Cooper who went through the pain barrier with a shoulder injury completed the top 10. Dan Kneen finished in eleventh place in front of Jamie Hamilton who impressed with his speed on the KMR Kawasaki powered by Vauxhall supersport bike, David Johnson on the Ace Cafe T3 racing 675 Triumph finished in 13th place tying for his best ever finish at the Isle of Man TT.

Robert Wilson, Davy Morgan, Ollie Linsdell, Ian Pattinson, Ian Lougher, Rob Barber and James Coward on the Barnes racing R6 Yamaha completed the top 20. Fastest newcomer in the race was Sam Wilson, Sam competing for the Logan racing team lapped at 116.593 mph whilst finishing in 36th place. Another great supersport TT race one that in particular showed the talent of rising stars in road racing like Dean Harrison, Jamie Hamilton, Robert Wilson and Dan Cooper. But the race belonged to Michael Dunlop on the PTR prepared Honda CBR 600 supersport bike, Michael continues to get better and better around the TT course.

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