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Horst Saiger Has Excellent TT 2014


Photo by Road Racing News

Horst Saiger had an excellent TT 2014. Horst competing for his own team showed good pace during practice week and went into the Dainese superbike TT race confident that the ZX10 Kawasaki that he was competing on would be competitive.

One of the most improved riders in road racing this year secured 21st place finish. Next race up was opening Monster energy supersport race where Horst recorded a creditable 38th place finish.


Photo by Road Racing News

Royal London 360 superstock race saw Horst start the race as a rider who could cause a surprise or two. The popular rider went onto achieve a fine 11th place finish. This result is also Horst’s personal best finish at the Isle of Man TT.

Although Horst had a slip off in the senior TT it was overall a good TT for the rider who has quickly got to grips with the mountain course. Plus overall in 2014 Horst has being arguably one of the most improved riders overall in road racing following top five finishes at North West 200 and 11th place finish in Royal London 360 superstock TT race.

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