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Colour Scheme Of The Year: Penz 13 BMW’s (Macau Grand Prix)

Road Racing News, colour scheme of the year award goes to the livery implemented upon the Penz 13 BMW’s that competed this month at the 53rd Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix.

The liveries on the S1000RR BMW’s piloted around the fabled Guia Circuit by Davey Todd, Erno Kostamo and Dan Kruger were designed by Macau residents, individuals from additional nations who have an intellectual disability.

For all the negative publicity road racing attracts at times, those who criticise need to remember that the sport does a lot of good for people encountering challenging, hard times.

Photo credit: ID/Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government

A prime case in point is Penz’s initiative that has allowed people with intellectual disabilities to also design racer’s helmets, leathers.

The final helmet, leather, livery designs alongside being aesthetically pleasing, fresh, bright, colourful also carried with them from my point of view, a symbolic message.

Road Racers race by race, lap by lap, sector by sector accomplish incredible, groundbreaking, super human like feats.

It’s the same for those with intellectual disabilities who day by day show courage, strength, determination in the face of adversity.

Words by Stevie Rial