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Weekly Quiz Feature Series: It’s Just A Bit Of Fun!

This weeks series of questions, in the fourth instalment of Road Racing News weekly quiz feature series which hopefully will test your knowledge of the sport, and prove a bit of fun! are as follows:

Q1: Sweden’s sole solo class representative at the TT Races in recent times, has been?

Q2: Guy Martin switched to Yamaha machinery for the International roads events in 2006, but with which team?

Q3: Four times TT winner Michael Rutter, has wrapped up thus far how many TT podium finishes?

Q4: The 2008 Scarborough Gold Cup was which Manx roads star first outing at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough?

Q5: Combined how many IRRC Superbike, Supersport titles do Didier Grams and Marek Cerveny have?

Q6: Bruce Anstey, David Jefferies, John McGuinness all made their TT debut’s in which year?

Q7: There’s been to date six different Irish Road Race Superbike champions in the 2010’s, who are the six?

Q8: Which Norwegian racer claimed his sole Manx GP podium finish, in the Newcomers A race from 2010?

Q9: Which future Pikes Peak winner made his North West 200 debut in 2011?

Q10: The last time a Moto GP spec machine took the Mountain Course for a parade lap, was when?

The answers to last weeks series of questions which included ones focused around Motorsport royalty at the TT Races, the IRRC, competition at Oliver’s Mount, are as follows:

Q1: Which racer became the first winner of the inaugural TT Privateers Championship in 2010?

Answer: James McBride

Q2: Ducati’s last big bike TT podium finishes, were achieved in which year?

Answer: In 2003, when John McGuinness took the Monstermob Ducati to third, second place finishes in the Formula 1, Senior races.

Q3: The Oostende Road Races, part for many years of the IRRC series, were based in which country?

Answer: Belgium

Q4: How many Australian racers have secured either TT, Manx GP or Classic TT success within the current decade?

Answer: 2016 Newcomers B Manx GP winner Paul Van Der Heiden

Photo by Nick Wheeler

Q5: Who claimed their first International roads success in 2009 in the feature Superbike encounter, at the Ulster Grand Prix?

Answer: Conor Cummins

Q6: The 2009 Scarborough Gold Cup was which multiple Sidecar World Champion’s first outing at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough?

Answer: Tim Reeves

Q7: 12 times TT podium finisher James Hillier made his TT debut in 2008, with which team?

Answer: Martin Bullock Racing

Q8: Combined how many Manx GP victories do Michael Evans and Michael Sweeney have?

Answer: Five

Q9: Who retained in 2014 the Irish Road Race 125/Moto 3 Championship title?

Answer: Sam Dunlop

Q10: Motorsport royalty graced TT 2016, when which esteemed F1 team principal visited Manx shores?

Answer: Team principal of reigning Formula 1 World champions Mercedes, Toto Wolff.

Words by Stevie Rial