Viewpoint: Blatant Negativity Does The Sport No Favours

Viewpoint: Blatant Negativity Does The Sport No Favours

After reading certain pessimistic articles recently, I had to ask myself what is the motivation of those involved being so negative about our great sport of pure road racing?

I am all for pointing out factors that can help improve the situations but what I’ve read in recent days doesn’t make for great publicity, it only fuels, encourages those who have specific agendas or are vehemently anti road racing.

Perhaps I am melodramatic, overreacting but those involved in pure road racing are aware their opinions carry force and what they say publicly due to their respected standings, goes a long way to helping the sport’s perception.

More positivity is needed to the wider public, not negativity of the sport which will carry momentum and where will that leave us?

High insurance costs and expenditure to run an event along with unfortunate accidents are constantly largely showcased over the good improving aspects of the sport, true pure road racing fans feel disappointed, down, angry and as a pure road racing journalist, has me completely baffled!!

I found it especially down heartening showcasing the aforementioned topic after a great weekends racing at Frohburg, marking the end of the 2018 IRRC series.

Why not showcase the great racing at Frohburg and how pure road racing unites people from every walk of life, creating a unique atmosphere for the whole family and where everyone feels valued in the sport.

But I hear there is always two sides etc etc. The sport needs optimism, positive publicity; it needs great media promotion for the sports future, not uncertainty.

I may have got it wrong and I hope I haven’t but what keeps pure road racing healthy and thriving is the notion we care about the sport, assist where and when we can and use our status for the good of pure road racing.

Words by Stevie Rial

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