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Ulster Grand Prix 2015 – Will The 134 Mph Mark Go Tomorrow?

It’s a question many people have been asking going into the 2015 Ulster Grand Prix, will the 134 mph mark go around Dundrod.

Ulster GP lap record holder Bruce Anstey 133.977 mph is confident that the 134 mph can go, the recent winner of the Dundrod 150 superbike race will start amongst the favourites to set the magical mark as will 11 times TT winner Ian Hutchinson.


Photo by Rod Neill

Plus Honda Racing’s Conor Cummins, Tyco BMW’s William Dunlop, East Coast Racing’s Lee Johnston, Peter Hickman, Dan Kneen, Keith Amor, Michael Dunlop, Ivan Lintin, Dean Harrison.

Memorable superbike races are in prospect tomorrow, as multiple pure road racing stars push for big bike victories on the fastest road racing circuit in the world.

Alongside superbike action, world class racing is guaranteed in supersport, superstock, super twin, lightweight, ultra lightweight races.

We’ve already seen great racing, qualifying sessions at the 2015 Ulster Grand Prix. A unique moment of history is in prospect tomorrow at one of pure road racing’s most iconic road races, a lap speed in excess of 134 mph.

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