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TT 2019: 11 Years Supporting Future Mountain Course Stars, The Peoples Bike Team

Celebrating 11 years of supporting up coming, future Mountain Course stars, The Peoples Bike Team are a quite unique outfit, and the epitome of the term supporting grass roots racing.

Set up by a group of road racing enthusiasts, the team has helped develop, bring through talents such as Alan Bonner, 2016 TT Privateers Champion Dan Hegarty, Steve Mercer, James Ford and 2016 Senior Manx GP winner Tom Weeden.

TT 2019 saw them supporting two stroke specialist, popular Welsh competitor Rhys Hardisty, and reigning Senior Manx GP champion Matt Stevenson.

Both Hardisty (27th within the second Monster Energy Supersport race) and Stevenson had challenging race week’s, with Hardisty registering two finishes from five race starts, whilst Stevenson’s race week concluded after an incident at Greeba Castle, during the second Monster Energy Supersport encounter.

Despite the challenges of TT 2019, it takes nothing away from the exploits, achievements, feats of the always hard working, well respected, highly acclaimed Peoples Bike squad.

Photo by Mark Corlett

Commenting on the Peoples Bike Team’s early foundations, how the team structure has changed, and how fans can get involved in supporting the squad, Team Manager Janice Thompson stated:

“We originated in 2009 when Mark Cubbon and a group of friends, got together and realised that they thought that they could actually run a road race bike team, with the experience that they have.

And came up with the idea to funding that, using a kind of crowdfunding opportunity for fans of road racing.

So we offer sponsorship packages for £50 pounds or £100 pounds, you get a team t-shirt, an invitation to our awning, a team party on mad Sunday as a thank you to all sponsors.

You get your photo on the bike and if you pay the £100 package you also get an opportunity for a start line pass, for either one practice session or one race session, so that’s really good, a lot of people take this opportunity up.”

Photo by Nick Wheeler

Janice went onto add:

“Riders we’ve got this year, we try and help newcomers, the idea was to help newcomers in the past, but they’ve become quite few and far between.

So what we find better to do is help young, up coming riders that just need a bit of stability and guidance, and we see ourselves as a bit of a stepping stone, to progression.

So this year we’ve got Rhys Hardisty, who rode for us last year, so Rhys has got lots of experience on the Mountain Course, he’s done a lot of Manx GP’s, Classic TT’s, and really knows his way around, so he’s brilliant, he just gets on with it, has a really good crew around him.

We’ve also got Matt Stevenson, who we helped at the Manx GP last year, and obviously with Matt winning the Senior Manx GP, he has to step up to the TT, so we took him under our wing for this year as well

There both (R.Hardisty/M.Stevenson) doing really, really well, there taking on all the guidance we giving them and all the advice, and there’s no pressure, we just want them to enjoy it and enjoy their racing.”

Words by Stevie Rial