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Ten Questions Challenge – William Dunlop

Seven times an international road race winner, Duke Road Race Rankings champion in 2015, the first rider in history to go through the speed traps at Dundrod at over the 200 mph mark, the roads great that is William Dunlop, is the next rider to take part in Road Racing News, ten questions challenge.

The twice Irish road race Supersport champion’s answers, to the popular series of questions are as follows:

Q1: Favourite National Roads Meeting?

“Tandragee 100”

Q2: Favourite Racing Bike?

“RS 125 Honda”

Photo by Rod Neill

Q3: What’s the best part of competing on the roads?

“I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, plus the different characters in the paddocks.”

Q4: TT, North West 200 or Ulster Grand Prix?

“Ulster Grand Prix”

Q5: Most Respected Rival?

“Bruce Anstey”

Q6: Best roads moment thus far?

“2014 North West 200 Superbike race victory.”

Q7: Is their one place or country in the world, where you would like to see a roads meeting held?


Q8: Who’s your road racing hero?

“My dad”

Q9: Supersport or Superbike?


Q10: Pole position or fastest lap?

“I hate this question!”

Words by Stevie Rial