Ten Questions Challenge – Davey Todd

Ten Questions Challenge – Davey Todd

Part of the vastly successful Cookstown BE Racing set up for the 2018 roads season, rapid rising star Davey Todd is the latest rider to take part in Road Racing News, ten questions challenge.

Already in his short roads career a Dundrod 150 and Armoy rostrum finisher, Davey’s answers to the popular series of questions, are as follows.

Q1: Favourite National Roads Meeting?

“My favourite national is pretty tough because I’ve only done half of ‘em and all of them are so awesome!

If I was to have to pick then I’d probably have to say Armoy! It has nothing to do with being a judge for the Miss Armoy competition last year, honest!”

Photo by Rod Neill

Q2: Favourite Racing Bike?

“To pick my favourite racing bike is even more tough! I race everything from super bikes to Super Moto’s to motocross and pit bikes.

Pretty much anything with 2 wheels and I love whatever I’m racing! But I’ve got to say I’m pretty damn excited to get on the Burrows Engineering Suzuki GSXR 1000 again this year as that was awesome to ride!”

Q3: What’s the best part of competing on the roads?

“Now I know your just giving me a whole bunch of difficult questions! Everything about racing on the roads I love!

The people, the community, the fans, the tracks, the whole atmosphere it’s truly amazing and the best kind of racing!

But the best part of road racing is the absolute buzz I get from racing out there! Every single time I come off the track wide eyed and heart beating like crazy, that feeling is what I live for!”

Q4: TT, North West 200 or Ulster Grand Prix?

“Hmm with the big 3 internationals, well I’ve only raced the Ulster GP so far and that’s really a track like no other.

But I’m well into my preparation for the TT and that’s the ultimate road race for sure and every single on board lap I watch, or drive round the Mountain Course, I get all excited knowing I get to race round there this year!”

Q5: Most Respected Rival?

“I have massive respect for all the guys out there on track beside me, how can you not? They all work hard and strive for the same thing I do, we’re all alike!

The guys I respect the most are the guys in front of me, because that’s where I want to be and there the guys I want to beat the most!”

Q6: Best roads moment thus far?

“Best roads moment so far I would say was the Superbike race at Armoy, where I finished on the podium on a 600 against all the big bikes and beating William Dunlop, for sure that was a great feeling!”

Q7: Is their one place or country in the world, where you would like to see a roads meeting held?

“I’d love a race around my local area, the North Yorkshire countryside/coast, the roads are perfect for a race I’m sure of it!”

Q8: Who’s your road racing hero?

“I’ll always have huge respect for Hicky (Peter Hickman), he’s a nice guy off track and is super fast both on the roads and circuits!

Plus he helped me push my bike all the way back to the grid from the pits when we had a technical issue just before one of the Ulster GP supersport races.

Massive respect for the guy and of course I aim to be as fast as him!”

Q9: Supersport or Superbike?

“Superbike for me all day long! I love the big ‘ole thou’s! They suit my style a lot more coming from a background of Super Moto.

I feel more comfortable when the bike is sliding sideways, and I just love the brutal eye watering, arm ripping-offing, ass clenching power of the big bikes!”

Q10: Pole position or fastest lap?

“I’ve never been a good qualifier, definitely go a lot faster in race conditions, but I suppose fastest lap ain’t necessarily going to help!

You gotta be in the mix from the start of the race when your up against some really fast guys, so I guess pole position I’d go for!”

Words by Stevie Rial

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