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Ten Questions Challenge – Ben Wylie

Runner up within the 2011 TT Privateers championship, an ex AFC Motorsport, Phase One Yamaha, Ice Valley Racing team member, Market Drayton’s Ben Wylie is the next racer to take part in Road Racing News, ten questions challenge.

Rider/Team Manager in recent years of the factory Bimota TT set up, his answers to the popular series of questions are as follows:

Q1: Favourite National Roads Meeting?

“I really enjoyed competing at Armoy, I’ve only done it a couple of times and the circuit has a bit of everything, it’s a really fun event and we were made so welcome there. Thinking about it, gonna go back this year!”

Q2: Favourite Racing Bike?

“I’m a bit of a Yamaha man to be honest and love the R6’s I’ve raced. I’d have to say my favourite though is our Bimota YB4 Classic bike, it’s also got a Yamaha engine! It’s so much fun to ride and I love turning the screws on it and polishing it as well.”

Q3: What’s the best part of competing on the roads?

“Riding bikes around proper fast, bumpy, scary corners and over 150 mph jumps!”

Q4: TT, North West 200 or Ulster Grand Prix?

“TT. After 9 TT’s and 4 Classic TT’s it still blows me away riding around the place (Mountain Course).”

Q5: Most Respected Rival?

“Pretty much everyone I reckon, were all there to enjoy ourselves and reckon we all do a good job of it!”

Q6: Best roads moment thus far?

“Nothing really jumps out at me, I’ve had some decent runs, any time I’ve been top 10 at the TT on bikes I’ve built in my shed felt good.”

Q7: Is their one place or country in the world, where you would like to see a roads meeting held?

“Las Vegas! Just think of the fun we’d all have! Don’t think there is many corners there though!”

Q8: Who’s your road racing hero?

“Bruce Anstey. Still amazingly fast on his day and a proper nice bloke!”

Q9: Supersport or Superbike?

“I do love me 600’s and have probably done best on them, but if both were sitting there I’d jump on the Superbike. Can’t beat the scary speed!”

Q10: Pole position or fastest lap?

“Pole position, there’s more glory in that!”

Words by Stevie Rial