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Stats: Quickest Cookstown 100 Racers Per Nation

Next event, roads course to feature in Road Racing News, fastest racers per nation series is the only Irish road race meeting to take place during 2020, the Cookstown 100.

During recent days I’ve compiled a list of the fastest Cookstown pilots ranging from Portugal to Italy to Germany to Hungary to Russia to Taiwan to Australia.

Photo by Rod Neill

The list comprising of 17 nations most rapid competitors at the longest running active Irish national road race, reads as follows:

(PB lap time located near racers name)

Northern Ireland: Michael Dunlop 1.22.641 (Outright lap record holder)
England: Guy Martin 1.23.028
Australia: Cameron Donald 1.23.303
Ireland: Derek Sheils 1.23.387
Portugal: Nuno Caetano 1.31.457
Isle of Man: Dan Kneen 1.24.364
Italy: Davide Ansaldi 1.37.297
Hungary: Sandor Bitter 1.32.338

Netherlands: Michael Hofman 1.35.873
Wales: Paul Williams 1.29.318
Greece: Vassilios Takos 1.31.773
France: Morgan Govignon 1.37.007
Germany: Mathias Winkenjohann 1.41.934
Taiwan: Roger Chen 2.02.241
Russia: Danila Krasniuk 1.41.166
Scotland: Keith Amor 1.23.378

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou