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Silicone Engineering Racing Confirm New ZX-10RR Kawasaki For 2019 International Roads Venture

Alongside securing the services again of Ulster GP lap record holder Dean Harrison, Silicone Engineering Racing’s 2019 International roads venture will also see them run Kawasaki’s latest incarnation of their vastly successful ZX-10RR steed.

The amiable, professional Silicone team are confident that the machine will prove formidable next year at the North West 200, TT and Ulster Grand Prix.

The upcoming highly rated new mount, features amongst various updates titanium conrods, plus an increase of 600 revs per minute.

Small margins as shown in this years thrilling Pokerstars Senior TT, can make such a difference in the pursuit for International roads success.

If all the updates click together correctly, testing, pre event build up runs smoothly allied to the obvious talent of Bradford’s Harrison, it wouldn’t at all be a surprise if we see Kawasaki return to the big bike winners circle at TT 2019.

Photo by Mark Corlett

Having come so close to premier class success at TT 2018, it’s only made second fastest racer in event history Harrison, the ever ambitious Silicone team more determined to enjoy more Mountain Course success.

Will Kawasaki’s new look for 2019 ZX-10RR prove the machine to help them make the next step? It’s a distinct possibility.

Words by Stevie Rial