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Roy Richardson’s Lightweight TT Ambition

Experienced competitor on the mountain course Roy Richardson is set to compete in the 2015 lightweight TT.

Ten times Manx Grand Prix winner Roy made his Manx GP debut back in 1986 finishing sixth in newcomers junior race.

Since then he has gone onto enjoy a long successful career at the Isle of Man TT. Main highlights to date have included third place finish in 2002 250 TT and seventh and tenth place finishes in supersport races at TT 2012 when competing on Barnes Racing R6 Yamaha.

The 1997 senior Manx Grand Prix winner is set to pilot Gleve Engineering backed Aprilia in this years lightweight TT which is set to produce one of the most closely contested races during TT 2015.


Most recently on the most famous road racing circuit in the world Roy secured third place finish in last years 350 classic TT.

TT 2015 marks thirty years since Roy competed for the first time on the mountain course, set to be amongst leading Aprilia mounted riders in lightweight TT he’s more than capable of securing another result of the highest quality.

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