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Manx Grand Prix 2016 – David Lumsden Hammers In Notable Results

David Lumsden enjoyed a very productive 2016 Manx Grand Prix campaign, as he wrapped up many a notable result.

Competing under the Full Factory Winners Wear/Martin Bullock Manxsport banner, David was confident in the potential of his machinery going into race week.

The Junior race, would provide him with a more than creditable sixth place finish, as he finished the leading Honda mounted rider.

Next was the Super Twins race, would would prove a quite momentous one for the rider nicknamed “The Hammer”.


He finished a brilliant second, with an overall race time of 1 hour 21 minutes 25.388 seconds, which would have placed him in this years Lightweight TT a very respectable 14th.

His 2016 Manx GP campaign concluded with 10th position in the Senior race, finishing in the process the leading 750 mounted competitor, on the Full Factory Winners Wear/Martin Bullock Manxsport backed GSX-R 750 Suzuki.


Photo by Nick Wheeler

Already thinking about next year on the Mountain Course, David is targeting wearing a red cap, which are awarded to Manx GP race winners, which gives a strong hint of his future expectations at the iconic meeting.

Words by Stevie Rial

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