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Major New Regulation Change On The Horizon For Three Wheeling TT Exponents

As stated recently on the Road Racing News podcast, a major new regulation change is on the way for Sidecar TT competitors.

The regulation change revolves around three wheeling exponents been able from 2022 to run four stroke, parallel twin cylinder 900cc engines.

There was a possibility for 900cc powered outfits to grace TT 2021 but this was dropped given the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which has ultimately put pay to next year’s TT Races.

Photo by Mark Corlett

Not surprisingly the proposed idea of having the option to run 900cc engines at TT 2022, has gained a mixed reaction with various esteemed Sidecar drivers, passengers.

One un-named competitor stated the following:

“Personally, I think it’s a bit hypocritical as they banned 1000’s years ago because they said they were too fast! But the Manx mafia usually get their own way.

I’m all for progress but who’s going to be able to afford this change? There’s not enough newbies coming through and there’s no chassis builders around to alter chassis to be able to take said engines.”

Six times top ten TT finisher Phil Hyde commented via Facebook:

“Interesting one. I think they need to do something as the 600 4 cylinder choice is diminishing quickly. The choice of a 900 twin gives a few more options. Will it last a TT only time will tell.”

Multi TT rostrum finishers, the Founds brothers Alan & Pete respectively added the following:

“Personally, I’m not a fan of the proposed change as them engines would have so much more power than the current class.

If proven well then it will push everyone into buying that engine just to keep up with it and then it becomes another war of cash flow!

It also means that you would need two specs of engines, as the 900cc F2 is not recognised in any other British or world championships level event!”

“I’ve mixed views really, whilst I think it is important for the sport to move forward and look to diversify, particularly given the limited availability of 600cc engines that we face in the near future.

I also believe that if significant rule changes are to take place, such as one like this, then it should first be tested out in a manner or an environment that would allow the affects or differences to be quantified.

For me a top level domestic championship such as the British F2 Championship would fit the bill for this, but for this to happen, there does need to be more collaboration between the organisers of the top flight events and championships, so that the rules are consistent across all these meetings.

That said, It will be quite exciting to see how many people take on this option, as it could be a good alternative option for the sport.

But I think regardless of what engines are used, there needs to be better Control over the tuning and regulations for engines. For me, if you want close, exciting racing, make it standard engines and gearboxes all the way.”

Words by Stevie Rial