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Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club Ltd Issue Statement On Killalane Road Races Cancellation

The Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club Ltd have recently issued a statement, which states in full why the 2016 Killalane Road Races, have been cancelled.


Photo by Rod Neill

The statement is as follows:

“Loughshinny Motor Cycle Supporters Club Ltd, held and open meeting last Tuesday 2nd August to discuss the future of the Killalane Road Races.

The club have come to the sad decision because of a breakdown in relations with Motor Cycling Ireland not to run our Killalane Road Race.

We are very upset to be put in this untenable position, but we feel there is no option but to cancel the event.

This problem has been ongoing all year, and while we have strived to keep road racing going by organising two events each year, it is impossible for the club and its members to work under these conditions.

We would like to apologise to all riders and race fans, and especially our long term sponsors, who have agreed with our decision.”

Susan Plunkett, Clerk Of Course, Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club

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