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Kingston University Team Enjoying TT Zero Challenge

The Kingston university team are greatly looking forward to next year’s TT zero race. Most recently rider for the team at TT 2015 Shaun Anderson enjoyed a positive test on the teams Ion Horse bike at Snetterton.

The runner up in this year’s Tandragee 100 was happy with the handling of the bike and felt that the Kingston university Ion Horse was as responsive as a supersport 600.


Photo by Road Racing News

Kingston university’s team is made up a group of enthusiastic individuals which are Sabine Brosch, Max Burras, Michael Hadley, Dimitar Georgiev, Ryan Duffy, Laila Guseva, Francesco Rotoli, Idan Katz, Rob Bromfield, Dean Wells, Walid Mebrouk, Ed Wratten, Enrique Munoz Gallego, Howard Anderson and James Iveson.

With 188 bhp and 160 mph top speed the Ion Horse bike has the potential to be near the sharp end in next year’s TT zero race were anticipation is building for the seventh running of the electric bike race on the most famous road racing circuit in the world.

The team would like to thank their sponsors Vayon green power group, c-tech composites, b-tech engineering, k-tech suspension, Anytech print, AutoVolt magazine, Vepro, YASA motors, Sevcon, Goodridge, Pro-Bolt, Autocare bodyworks, Sensor technik UK, NPL national physical laboratory and Bruntingthorpe aerodrome.

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