KDM Hire Cookstown 100: Saturday Races Round Up

KDM Hire Cookstown 100: Saturday Races Round Up

Consolidating his reputation as truly world class roads competitor, Mullingar’s Derek McGee alongside scooping the Grand Final crown, also reigned supreme today in the 125/Moto 3/Supersport 300 and Super Twins (A) encounters at the KDM Hire Cookstown 100.

In dominant form aboard the Faraldo Racing Honda, the Super Twins (A) race saw McGee emerge victorious by just over half a second, keeping at bay the attentions of McAdoo Kawasaki’s Adam McLean.

The highly rated McLean would go onto scoop Supersport (A) race honours, finishing on top from a compelling multi rider battle which included current Duke Road Race Rankings champion McGee, YZF R6 Yamaha mounted Paul Jordan, Derek Sheils and Martin Jones Racing’s Michael Sweeney.

Photo by Rod Neill

Paul ‘Potchy’ Williams doubled his Cookstown wins tally, with success in the Lightweight race, whilst 250, Forgotten Era class victories were recorded respectively by Chris Meyer and Gareth Keys.

Looking back on the Junior and Senior Classic races, it was yesteryear machinery racing legend Barry Davidson, who powered to series of overall victories, alongside sealing the Junior 350, Senior 500 class crowns.

Richard Ford, Brian Mateer took the spoils within the Senior 1000, Junior 250 classes, whilst Senior Support (A) and Super Twins (B) race victories both were acquired by the vastly respected Tommy Henry.

Remaining racers to enjoy class winning spoils on the ever popular Orritor course, were Eoin O’Soichru (Junior Support A) and Ben Rea (Grand Final B)

Outside of the race winners, racers not mentioned yet who sealed hard earned podium finishes, were Nigel Moore, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Vincent Brennan, Dominic Cottrell, Ed Manly, Philip Shaw, Gary Hutton.

Ian Thompson, John Leigh Pemberton, Michael Sweeney, Darren Keys, Dermot Cleary, Stephen McKeown, Lloyd Collins, Stephen Degnan, Noel Carroll, Martin Currams and James Cottrell.

In spite of the great racing, eye catching performances a plenty from rising stars, next gen racers and impressive newcomers, it’s been unquestionably a challenging day at Cookstown for teams, riders, marshals and most of all for the event organisers.

One has to congratulate the event organisers, for how they’ve run the meeting over the past two days, getting the full capacity of all qualifying sessions and races in, despite the persistent barrage of inclement, unpredictable weather embarking upon Cookstown.

Results per class from today’s action at the 98th KDM Hire Cookstown 100, are as follows:

125/Moto 3/Supersport:

1 Derek McGee
2 Nigel Moore
3 Kevin Fitzpatrick
4 Paul Gartland
5 Sam Grief
6 Andrew Jackson
7 Chris Meyer
8 Barry Davidson
9 Jack Sands
10 Roger Chen

Junior Support A:

1 Eoin O’Siochru
2 Vincent Brennan
3 Dominic Cottrell
4 Alistair Haworth
5 Jason Cassells
6 Nigel Colgan
7 Mark Kirby
8 James Cottrell
9 Robert Cairns
10 Noel Smith
11 Darren Duncan
12 Mark Johnson
13 Chris Meyer
14 John Cahill
15 James Rothery
16 Francis O’Hara
17 Yvonne Montgomery

Junior Classics:

1 Barry Davidson
2 Ed Manly
3 Nigel Moore
4 Mark Johnson
5 Brian Mateer
6 Anthony Ambler
7 Ken Parkes
8 Philip Shaw
9 Linton Irwin
10 Sam Kinkead
11 Andy Kildea
12 Freddie Stewart
13 Ian Thompson
14 Gary Hutton
15 Davy Crawford
16 Mick Brady
17 Kyle Parkes

Super Twins (A):

1 Derek McGee
2 Adam McLean
3 Michael Sweeney
4 Stephen McKnight
5 Paul Williams
6 Neil Kernohan
7 Paul Gartland
8 Brad Vicars
9 Darryl Tweed
10 Anthony McColgan
11 Dominic Cottrell
12 Shaun Wynne
13 Mark Kirby
14 Kevin Baker
15 Brian Loughlin
16 Francis O’Hara
17 Ben Plant
18 James Rothery

Senior Support (A):

1 Tommy Henry
2 Darren Keys
3 Dermot Cleary
4 Darryl Anderson
5 Andy McAllister
6 Chris Stuart
7 John Cahill
8 Stuart McCann
9 Shaun Wynne
10 John O’Donovan
11 Wayne Pither
12 Phill Archer
13 Kevin Baker
14 Gary Jordan
15 Noel Smith
16 Veronika Hankocyova
17 Brian Keohane
18 Yvonne Montgomery
19 George Scott
20 Martin Currams
21 James Rothery
22 Adrian Heraty
23 Aaron Boyd

Senior Classics:

1 Barry Davidson
2 Richard Ford
3 Ed Manly
4 John Leigh Pemberton
5 Wattie Brown
6 Mark Parrett
7 Anthony Ambler
8 Gary Hutton
9 Andy Kildea
10 Ian Thompson
11 Billy Lyle
12 Freddie Stewart
13 Philip Shaw
14 Chris McGahan
15 Sam Kinkead
16 Trevor Stewart

Supersport (A):

1 Adam McLean
2 Derek McGee
3 Paul Jordan
4 Derek Sheils
5 Michael Sweeney
6 Neil Kernohan
7 Kevin Fitzpatrick
8 Brad Vicars
9 Adrian Harrison
10 Darryl Tweed
11 Forest Dunn
12 Tom Weeden
13 Michal Dokoupil
14 Lee Hembury
15 Ben Rea
16 Noel Carroll
17 Stephen Degnan
18 Lloyd Collins

Lightweight 400:

1 Paul Williams
2 Stephen McKeown
3 Lloyd Collins
4 Stephen Morrison
5 Aaron Boyd
6 Darren Duncan
7 Brian Loughlin
8 Jordan McFerran

Forgotten Era:

1 Gareth Keys
2 Richard Ford


1 Chris Meyer

Grand Final B:

1 Ben Rea
2 Stephen Degnan
3 Noel Carroll
4 Lloyd Collins

Super Twins B:

1 Tommy Henry
2 Martin Currams
3 James Cottrell
4 Jason Cassells
5 Nigel Colgan
6 Robert Cairns
7 Tim Stephenson
8 Mark Johnson

Words by Stevie Rial

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