KDM Hire Cookstown 100: Race Day Wrap Up

KDM Hire Cookstown 100: Race Day Wrap Up

Alongside finishing runner up in the Supersport A/Invitation, 125/Moto 3 races, Tobermore’s Adam McLean, further consolidated his reputation today as a potential future international roads front runner, by winning in fine style the Super Twins (A) race.

Behind McLean, ultra impressive Orritor circuit debutants Davey Todd and Daniel Mettam, in changeable conditions jostled it out for second, with ultimately New Zealander Mettam scooping at the chequered flag second.

Photo by Rod Neill

McKinstry Racing’s Mettam, prior to his Super Twins feat, claimed a popular Supersport B race victory, as he secured his first competitive race win outside of New Zealand.

Paul ‘Potchy’ Williams also entered the Irish road race winners section for the first time, via a dominant Open B race victory, whilst Junior Support (A) and (B) honours went respectively to Barry Sheehan and Enda Trearty.

The always keenly contested 125/Moto 3 class, provided the podium finish/sole win of the meeting for reigning Irish road race Super Twins, Supersport and Superbike champion Derek McGee, who produced a fine display on the Joeys Bar MCC Honda.

Looking back on the Junior and Senior Classic races held in contrasting conditions, it was yesteryear machinery specialists Barry Davidson and Richard Ford who respectively shared the race wins.

Outside of the race winners, racers not mentioned yet who sealed hard earned podium finishes, were, Darryl Tweed, Forest Dunn, Paul Robinson, Kris Duncan, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jason Cassells, Liam Chawke, Dominic Cottrell, RJ Woolsey, Ed Manly, Jamie O’Brien and French newcomer Morgan Govignon.

In spite of the great racing, eye catching performances a plenty from rising stars, next gen racers and impressive newcomers, it’s been unquestionably a challenging day at Cookstown for teams, riders, marshals and most of all for the event organisers.

With the recent Senior Support A race, twice red flagged, combined with track conditions still not been ideal, plus with a lack of time viable to get the remainder of the schedule in, organisers made the decision to cancel the rest of the days competition.

Race results, per class, from the 2018 KDM Hire Cookstown 100, are as follows:

Open B:

1 Paul Williams
2 Darryl Tweed
3 Forest Dunn
4 Paul Gartland
5 Marc Ironside
6 Sam Johnson
7 Vassilios Takos
8 Damian Horan
9 Dean Campbell
10 Richard Charlton
11 Stephen McKnight
12 Darren Cooper
13 Kris Duncan
14 Michal Dokoupil
15 Dennis Booth
16 Paul Cranston
17 Paul Mackey
18 Noel Carroll
19 Alan Johnston
20 Stephen Degnan
21 Morgan Govignon
22 Andrew Sellars

125/Moto 3:

1 Derek McGee
2 Adam McLean
3 Paul Robinson
4 Paul Jordan
5 Joe Loughlin
6 Christopher Eder
7 Nigel Moore
8 Jim Hind
9 Chris Meyer
10 Gary Jordan
11 Jack Sands
12 Jamie O’Brien
13 Sarah Boyes
14 Andrew Jackson
15 Ronnie Scott
16 Melissa Kennedy

Supersport B:

1 Daniel Mettam
2 Kris Duncan
3 Kevin Fitzpatrick
4 Graham Kennedy
5 Darren Cooper
6 Dominic Herbertson
7 Paul Cranston
8 Gareth Evans
9 Richard Charlton
10 Forest Dunn
11 Sam Johnson
12 Dennis Booth
13 Michal Dokoupil
14 Alan Johnston
15 Paul Fallon
16 Stephen Degnan
17 Morgan Govignon
18 Noel Carroll
19 Paul Mackey

Junior Support A:

1 Barry Sheehan
2 Jason Cassells
3 Liam Chawke
4 Alistair Haworth
5 Michael Nagle
6 Eoin O’Siochru
7 Tommy Heaphy
8 James Cottrell
9 Rikki McGovern
10 Michael Rees
11 Jim Hind
12 Brian Loughlin
13 Anthony Ambler
14 Ben Plant
15 Vic Allan
16 Darryl Anderson
17 Martin Currams
18 Shaun Wynne
19 Noel Smith
20 Stephen Morrison
21 Ben Mullane
22 John Leigh Pemberton

Junior Support B:

1 Enda Trearty
2 Dominic Cottrell
3 RJ Woolsey
4 Francis O’Hara
5 Mark Johnson
6 Brendan Flynn
7 Chris Meyer
8 Robert Cairns
9 Malcolm Love
10 Michael Hoey
11 Yvonne Montgomery
12 Roy Beattie
13 James Rothery
14 David Graham

Junior Classics:

1 Barry Davidson
2 Ed Manly
3 Jamie O’Brien
4 Nigel Moore
5 Richard Ford
6 Sean Leonard
7 Linton Irwin
8 Sam Kinkead
9 Ken Parkes
10 Philip Shaw
11 Gearoid Hoare
12 Gary Hutton
13 David Crawford
14 Alex McVicker
15 Robert Wright
16 Trevor Stewart
17 Allen Gibson

Senior Classics:

1 Richard Ford
2 Barry Davidson
3 Morgan Govignon
4 Wattie Brown
5 Billy Lyle
6 Freddie Stewart
7 Anthony Ambler
8 Antony Nicholls
9 Andy Kildea
10 John Leigh Pemberton
11 Gary Jamison
12 David Carleton
13 Jamie O’Brien
14 Gary Hutton
15 Roger Chen
16 Philip Shaw
17 Mark Parrett
18 Trevor Stewart
19 Dave Brough

Super Twins A:

1 Adam McLean
2 Daniel Mettam
3 Davey Todd
4 Thomas Maxwell
5 Derek McGee
6 Dominic Herbertson
7 Alistair Kirk
8 Paul Gartland
9 Stephen McKnight
10 Shaun Anderson
11 Andy Farrell
12 Neil Kernohan
13 William Hara
14 Anthony Ambler

Words by Stevie Rial

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