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Jamie Hodson & Rob Hodson Aiming To Return To Manx Grand Prix Next Year

Jamie Hodson and Rob Hodson are both aiming to return to the Manx Grand Prix next year. Jamie and Rob made their Manx Grand Prix debuts back in 2012 and in 2013 achieved many a notable result. This included Jamie achieving a 16th place finish in the super twin race and a 33rd place finish in the junior race. Whilst Rob produced a top ride to finish in eighth place in the junior race whilst in the super twin race Rob recorded his first ever podium finish at the Manx Grand Prix by finishing in third position.

For 2014 Jamie Hodson is competing on a R6 Yamaha in the junior and senior Manx Grand Prix races whilst Rob Hodson is competing on a R6 Yamaha and a ER6 Kawasaki for the 18 hundred club team named in memory of the late but great Lee Vernon. Jamie and Rob are also in 2014 making their debuts at Oliver’s Mount.


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